Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Makes You Happy?

Do you know what makes you happy? Some people are just upbeat and so infectious, but all of us have those things in our lives that make us happy.
My grandson Hayden has found one thing that is making him very happy!! Hayden is the oldest of the triplets, yes maybe only by 30 seconds but being in the right place at the right time is everything.
Hayden has a reputation for being fussy, one way or another we find ways to communicate our frustrations. And babies have the one way that really gets our attention.
One day while daddy was feeding another brother, Hayden had a look on his face that alerted daddy to get his camera. Daddy just knew something was going to happen.

Yep, I think I got this figured out.........and I just know I can do it.....Ahaa....I'm up and lovin what I have found.....the freedom to move around my world and explore.
Hayden is loving his newly found mobility and finds others can be helpful in ways they maybe wouldn't volunteer. The shortest way isn't always without obstacles but thats OK...with Hayden!
Hayden is a very happy, mobile, and exploring guy!
He finds that everything can assist in his new found joy of standing! Except for all the coffee and end tables that are now out of the living room! But thats OK because he is happy!

And these two brothers bring him much happiness........laughing is infectious ya know!!

Being a triplet brings much happiness....These blocks make great teething biscuits........we all agree! Eating is one of our favorite things to do.
Ethan is a firm believer in an "Apple A Day" theory! They are yummy!!

Graham teething cookies make us all happy, we are all satisfied and happy eating our first cookie in the warm weather on the deck. They are so delicious, gooey and fun to smear everywhere.

And bathtime in the big bathtub really make us all happy, even Mommy!
Warm weather brings fun outings, like this trip to the zoo!! Yeah warm spring weather!

At home Hayden has found there are many things and places to explore besides the large collection of play apparatus you see in most pictures.

Hayden happily crawls from room to room finding his home to be so interesting. Not minding the independence one bit.
Another frontier awaits, no wonder Omaha and Emily usually lay here, this is wonderful! Just wait till I'm tall enough to open this door!

If you see something that interests you and you want a closer look...well.........

Just crawl on over and take a peek............mobility makes me HAPPY!!
Hey........what's going on.........I was just having some fun. And I am very happy!!

And what makes me, Gramma happy, is receiving 130 new pictures on snapfish from Krista!!
Its two months away and the boys will be having their first birthday. Pappa and I have purchased our tickets and are looking forward to celebrating with all the lucky grammy's and pappa's in the midwest!! My mother is also planning on going too, which will give them two Great Grammy's to celebrate with.
I am off to the post office to pick up my package with my camera. YEAH!! It's home from its little trip, that also makes me happy.
See the quilt on the floor, that is the quilt I made for my son's high school graduation! It is Geese in the Cabins.
Be Happy,


Carrie P. said...

Such a bunch of cuties. I can't believe they are going to be a year old soon.

Karen said...

Your pictures are just precious! I am sure the first birthday party will be a blast.

Carol said...

OMG Carrie those are the cutest pictures...I can't believe that they are already almost a year old...where did that year go? Oh how fun they are.

Brenda said...

I so love your grandbabies. They bring joy to my days just by looking at their smiles. They've grown up so fast... I can't wait for the party pics...woo-hoo!