Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Snowstorm 2014

We have been having some amazing snow here in Oregon!  It was feeling like winter may pass us by, that would be very bad for us this summer.  So as good as the snowfall is, it made for some real crazy conditions.  Thankfully, we have escaped the freezing rain the Willamette Valley experienced.  For this, we are very thankful!
   My chicken Coop with two feet of snow, they definitely didn't venture out, they were served breakfast in bed.   Below, the horses and cows in their snowy field.   We increase their feeding to twice a day without any pasture too graze.

We shoveled snow for three days trying to keep up with walkways and driveways, until the pile of snow was a mountain.Thankfully, we have a tractor to move the pile and most of the snow in the drive.
I kept busy sewing on Tavern House and watching the Olympics.  I love the Olympics and so far it has been another entertainment success!  Figure skating is always one of my favorite events, and so again it is magical!!  We added a NBC sports channel that has allowed to watch events earlier and more of the Olympics too.   Well worth the $7!
I finished the stitching on the last border this weekend and will sew it on.  There is a small border around the whole quilt then I can start the quilting.
Later this week we are going to visit family in Omaha!  We are so excited!

Winter blessings,  Carrie