Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Merry Christmas Quilt

Late last year I changed my Subway responsibilities to office mode!   YIPPEE!   
It has been a very good thing on many levels.  First I do not hurt all the time, and I have been able to wean myself off all anti-inflamitory drugs.  I had several doctor appointments getting my arthritis assessed and dealing with issues related to that.  X-rays, MRI and injection of cortisone and I am feeling so much better with answers and acceptable levels of discomfort.  Discomfort seems a better word than pain!  Maybe its mental.  Ha, thats the way you feel when you are in pain all the time.  A Mental Case, it makes you so self absorbed!  Trying to cope and get rid of it!
This year has been so much better,  now I need the weather to clear so I can get out and walk off this winter weight!  
I am so thankful for the time to be healthier, and spend so much time in my sewing room!   Life is Good!  

So many people are in real life challenges right now so I really want to say how thankful I am for all the blessings God has given to me.  Family, heath and home.  I am praying for healing, peace and grace for many friends right now!  It keeps everything in perspective!

February brought a blessing of a family visit to Omaha.  What a huge blessing.  It's like a gigantic hug of Love!
The boys are in kindergarten, and I was there on the day of their Valentine Party.

It was  a fun and busy time,  as always..    They are  developing their iindividual interests, which is so fun to see when we visit.  Jaxon is all about sports and is amazing!!   He has a mind full of stats  and loves to play basketball.  I  got my daily exercise playing hoops with him in the basement!!   Jaxon loves the  Oregon Ducks, so we had  a Arizona State rematch and the Ducks WON this time!  Haa!!  He  went to the Creighton game  and had an absolute blast!!

Ethan had surgery on his left foot recently so he can only crawl or be in his wheel chair, bummers  for awhile!!  He is so reselient  and loves to dress--up and  plays in front of a mirror and has crazy funny conversations!! What a crack up!    Hayden  was invited to a birthday party  of a girl in his class,  so it begins!   It was the first time  that mom and dad didn't stay for the party, everyone survived and it was fun to watch it all develop.  I must say I am always so impressed by my wonderful   daughter  and son  in the fabulous way they raise their family!

I have been sewing on MerryChristmas quilt   by Heart and Hand.   There  are some details I need to finish then I can get started on the borders.
Having  the time  to focus on unfinished projects  has been wonderful.  

Santa and Angel need eyes, oh boy, embroidery challenge!!   Great problem isn't it!
While in Omaha I had time to visit  Country Sampler, I will share some fun  pictures I took there.

Primitive  Blessings