Saturday, September 29, 2012

Comfort and Joy

I seem to have very unrealistic grasp on my actual abilities.  Or maybe I am impulsive, whatever I am,  I know I love this quilt and had to join.  Not that I didn't have anything to make already but I like the feeling of being part of a group.  Especially the wonderful ladies who I know in Bend and all those I have met through blogging.  I know it won't be close to finished this year but its getting a little start, and I love seeing every ones project and that encouragement keeps me going, even at my own pace.

I started with the Angel when I got my pattern, then work took over  my life for many weeks, now I think I can give a little time each week and will work on the blocks the group is working on and start with the others when you are all snuggling under your finished quilt....sigh.........

Here is my poor little unstitched angel,   she looks so lonely I will have to get to work and get her some blocks and stars sewn up.
I'm off to put my feet up and stitch my little angel.   You can go over to Anne's and see everyones progress.

Fall blessings,