Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will it be finished this Christmas?

A few years ago I started making a Christmas Quilt from a Needle Love book.   I wasn't crazy about it at all so it was layed aside.  After much shopping for and collecting wools I decided one day early this month  to give it a peek.  Yep, I still didn't like it.  So  I began pulling basted pieces off, it was really pathetic but I knew my knew stash was going to make me much happier.

I needed to felt the wool pieces for one thing,  the poinsettia leaves were cut from a wool piece I purchased but it had not been felted!   Gasp!  I know, how could I have been so naive.  :))

And how about some overdyed plaids, :))) for some of the poinsettia leaves,   yes it is looking so much better, a little sprinkle of textured green plaids for the holly.  Be still my heart,  my stash of wools are so fun to cut up I can hardly stand it.  

If you ever saw a kit and said, " I'm sure I have enough at home to make this, I don't need the kit."  Well let me say I have said that but I KNOW that is never true.  $$$$$$$ dollars of wool purchases later I am finally satisfied with my choices for this quilt.    But I have about 4 Buggy Barn trips and multiple other wonderful quilt shop memories collecting all my wonderful wools.

I  decided it needed a little tweaking, moving pieces out and centering better but I love it now and even if it doesn't get finished for Christmas I know I could visit one here in Bend that is finished and mostly likely decorating a wonderful families home!

We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving with family in Seattle.  My niece had a baby boy Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  My sister is a grandmother and I am a great-aunt.  Isn't that just the greatest thing.   Holding Davis, who was born at 7lb 2 oz.  I kept thinking he is 2 pounds bigger than Ethan and 3 pounds bigger than Hayden but is so small.   I swaddled him with such ease, nice to know I haven't lost my touch.   I am so happy for them and will enjoy all their Facebook posts giving me my Davis updates.

My last post was so long ago,  and about my precious Slide girl.  I must tell you she passed away mid June, breaking my heart.  I'm a total sap and still cry when I talk about her,  you never know how much a pet or a person can mean to you until you lose them.

Until next time....God Bless and Keep You!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Man's Best Friends

In 2005 my son and I got ourselves a wonderful friend.  Black Pearl's Treasure aka Dublin's Mudslide aka Slide.
She has been such a mate, she is definitely our dog and very much my dog.  She has so much desire to please, which makes her fun to train.  A bit sensitive but she is a girl after all.

This last year she was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy.  She has a very large heart and all the complications which go along with that.   I'm afraid she is going to break my heart!!    

So I want to share a few good things before this happens.  Each day is a gift because you just don't know when the inevitable will happen.

Some of my favorite puppy pictures.....

 Hunting as a pup on the Malheur.....
 Hunting as a pup near Condon, such beautiful country, she is showing her natural ability to honor another dog on point. Slide held her honor until the shot, I was so tickled with her.  Joe was really in heaven on this hunt.  A young pup learning from Daisy Mae, his beloved veteran dog.

I started Slide in Hunt Tests and had such a good time,  she loves her bird hunting and we have had some great times together.   February we will take part in the club hunt at local preserve hunting pheasants.

We are hoping for more time with Slide and taking each day, one at a time.   Her  medicines are  treating the issues in her heart but this will only work for a time.
I don't even want to think about the Rainbow Bridge, for now I enjoy the special companionship that my girlie gives me everyday.

Have a wonderful week.