Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Primitive Porch Swap, Spring Blooms

The weather has cleared a little after yesterdays storm. My goodness between the wind, rain and hail my flowers are taking a beating!!! Now we have waited along time to have some nice weather and spring flowers so it is about to **** me off. LOL...... did I say that.....
Well anyway it cleared enough for me to get some pictures to share of my primitive porch swap goodies from Cindy of Cynthia Lee Designs.
First a couple items need to be indoors, the rain would not be good for them. They are just inside my front door greeting friends and family in the spirit of summer. Very cheery and the little bird house has been primmed and is so cute!
On the porch hangs a heart and star all primmed and so cute with my willow heart, which has the painted water can. Cindy painted the little watering can with a flag and sheep. Now this little water can has been filled twice by the rain we are having recently, it is holding up well I must say.
Here is a close up of the painting Cindy did, the detail is really wonderful. I have never been a painter so I was so excited to have something hand painted from Cindy.

The little flowers are trying to put a little life in this area off the front porch where I moved some Iris. There will not be any blooms this year so I thought this would be a perfect spot. The rain really is being kind of hard on them though. They have been primmed to and I love the perky little flowers.
Thank you Cindy for the fun and creativeness you put into our swap, I will enjoy them and think of you often this summer!

Our peonies are in full bloom and they are loaded. I think they are even bigger this year.

The Iris are just beginning to bloom, I think the rain is really bringing everything on so I hope the hard rain is gone for awhile.
I have been trying to get out a couple hours each day to keep up with the flower beds. Sunday I spent 6 hours cleaning up and spreading mulch. That was a bit much for the arthritis but I sure liked the way things looked afterwards.
This weekend we are going to Seattle. My niece has graduated from her nursing program and we will celebrate with her. Seattle is a fun place to visit, we'll see how much we can pack into two days.
Spring blessings,


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

You certainly recieved some wonderful prims from Cindy...her painting is so great!
Love your flowers too"_

Carol said...

Have a wonderful weekend...your iris and peonies are gorgeous.

Candace said...

Wow - I heard there were terrible storms in Bend, Carrie - stay safe! I love your swap goodies - and the peonies are incredible!

Colleen said...

What sweet goodies! Enjoy them...

It's always nice to have a new visitor stop by. I hope you'll give the tart a try sometime. It was a real favorite here.

My SIL and her husband live in Irrigon, OR and they just love the arrid vistas.

Thanks for popping in!

Kindra said...

What a wonderful swap you received! I think it's so fun to get handmades. There is so much talent out there!

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What a sweet swap you received. I have so enjoyed watching all the posting about it.

I guess all that rain has moved east and is over us for awhile!!

I loved seeing the pics of the boys! Wow have they grown. Each one is so darn cute!! I can only imgaine how happy they make you. I hope to know that feekling any day now!!

Have a great weekend!! hugs, Linda

Wendy said...

What a lovely welcome sign for your front door. Cindy sure sent you some wonderful prim gifts.
I love seeing the flower pictures too.
I hope you had a great weekend.

Libby said...

How wonderful to receive those cutie prims for your 'porch' *s* Love that sheep!