Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Goldfinches and Iris

Earlier this spring I saw a very bright yellow bird out my office window. I tried to get a picture but it wasn't holding still for a minute. I think its the first year I have had this pretty little gal.
Then this last weekend Joe brings in the cutest little yellow baby bird that he found in the yard. We discussed what we could do and felt pretty bad. It looked in good health but just to small to fly.
I went out where he found it and saw a nest above in the tree, Joe climbed up and said no its to old and in bad shape. So he took it out of the tree and we were standing there discussing where the real nest could be when along comes the mama bird. We go sit on the bench and watch for her to fly to the nest, well she goes right to where we took the nest down. AAAhhhh........we panicked.....oh no... it can't be. OK we decide to put it back and put the baby in and see if she will accept and forgive our intrusion.
Well she did, amazing enough, but everyday this little baby bird either falls or flies out of the nest several times.
So up the ladder we go to put it back in the nest, mama is still feeding the cute little thing and it has really grown in the last four days.

This eye doesn't look to be its best side, but then we all have our good side don't we.

Here is the little bird in its misshapen nest. We think the heavy rain and hail we had two weeks ago made it squish into a figure 8 and mama can not sit on the nest with the baby. But they are handling it the best they can and we keep an eye out for the little flyer.....hoping soon it will be flying the nest instead of falling straight down to the, thankfully, soft lawn.

Here is mama perched just below, the nest is on the right above her. She is a good mama and we are glad she forgives us and is sticking with her little chick.
On a flowery note I am enjoying my Iris this year, they are a fragile flower but are so beautiful.

Hope your week is going well, we are enjoying some beautiful warm weather. Now if the wind would take a break my little friend could stay put.


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Wow that really is amazing!! So neat that momma accepted the baby even with human scent.

My MIL used to grow all kinds of Iris. So pretty!! I love the color of yours.

All my flowers are wilting with the abundance of rain and lack of sun. Even I am ready for sun and warmth!!

hugs, Linda

Melody said...

I love goldfinches. How beautiful. I heard it was a myth that the mothers would abandon, thank goodness she did not.

I pretty much have a brown thumb so I appreciate the beauty of your flowers.

Happy Stitches,

Carol said...

Beautiful Iris and what a wonderful story about the baby bird...I've also heard that it's a myth that the mom's won't take them back...that mom and dad need some nest building lessons. LOL!

KC Quilter said...

What a sweet, sweet momma and baby story! Made my morning! And how wonderful of you to help out.

Candace said...

Carrie, we have several dozen goldfinches in our yard and absolutely love them! They used to winter elsewhere, but now that we keep a Nyger feeder out year round, they never leave! It's so nice to see that bright yellow color all winter long!

Quilt Hollow said...

I'm surprised because I heard same if you touched the baby momma won't take it back. Lovely story...and photos!

Kaaren said...

I love animal stories with happy endings. Please tell us when baby can fly away on his own.

I love irises too, Carrie. I have about 20 different varieties in my gardens and they are just about finished blooming now. But in the Fall, our twice-blooming ones give us another show.

Carrie P. said...

I have Goldfinches here too. The pictures you are showing look like male birds. The female is really dull so it might be that the daddy is doing all the work which is great for the little baby which also looks like a male. It looks like he just might make it.

Kim said...

We have the same pretty goldfinches nesting in our trees. It appears that the parents take care of their babies for a while after they can fly. My iris bloomed this past week, too. A little more blooms in the garden each day now that we had some warmth and a bit of rain.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh what a sweet story. I"m so glad mama bird is still loving her little one! And those pics are so cool of the baby bird. We have some yellow canaries outside, but I jsut can't get a good pic.