Saturday, November 17, 2012

Homespun Houses update

Its hard to believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  This year is flying by!
 Every year I am so thankful that Thanksgiving is about fixing a wonderful meal and enjoying some well deserved family time.  We go to Seattle most years and spend a few days with my sister and family as well as my sister-in-law and her family.  
This year we are celebrating my great-nephews first birthday on Saturday,  it will be such a fun time, we are looking forward to celebrating with Davis!

Seattle is a fun town to visit, this year we will venture into the big city and do some shopping.  My oldest grandson Tylor has requested we go, so we will venture out and see the sights.

I have been spending a precious few hours each week trying to make noticeable progress on my many quilting WiPs. 
I have a some windows completed on one house, and a few more houses started.   Its amazing how much time you can spend on details.   They are fun to make, even with the applique :).

I have a couple more houses done, now they need some windows and doors.

 Happy Thanksgiving to each of you, wishing you a joyous family time with your loved ones!



Saturday, September 29, 2012

Comfort and Joy

I seem to have very unrealistic grasp on my actual abilities.  Or maybe I am impulsive, whatever I am,  I know I love this quilt and had to join.  Not that I didn't have anything to make already but I like the feeling of being part of a group.  Especially the wonderful ladies who I know in Bend and all those I have met through blogging.  I know it won't be close to finished this year but its getting a little start, and I love seeing every ones project and that encouragement keeps me going, even at my own pace.

I started with the Angel when I got my pattern, then work took over  my life for many weeks, now I think I can give a little time each week and will work on the blocks the group is working on and start with the others when you are all snuggling under your finished quilt....sigh.........

Here is my poor little unstitched angel,   she looks so lonely I will have to get to work and get her some blocks and stars sewn up.
I'm off to put my feet up and stitch my little angel.   You can go over to Anne's and see everyones progress.

Fall blessings,

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celebrating in Omaha

Today is the triplets 4th birthday!  It's amazing how time just flies by.   We are spending the week in Omaha playing and celebrating too!

The weather has been cooler this week so we are outside a bit and went to the awesome Children's Museum here in Omaha.  We would love to see something like this in Bend.

So next week I will catch up on my Comfort and Joy progress,  it is an adorable quilt.  I think I am more ADD than I ever thought with all the different  WIPs I have going.

Head on over to Anne's to see all the Comfort and Joy updates.  She has a wonderful treat from her recent trip.

Summer Blessings from Omaha,


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Homespun Houses

I've jumped in and joined a quilt along making Homespun Houses.   I'm behind when I start so I will have to make a couple houses the next couple months.   They are pretty simple and fun to sew together,  just wish I sewed my windows on straight.   Argh..... drives me crazy!   Applique will never be easy for me.      There are 10 in the quilt along, their links are listed below:

 Anne,  Sandy F, Anna =
> > 
> > Mary =
> > 
> > Paulette =
> > 
> > Sandy R  =
> > 
> > Kim  =
> > 
> > Patti  =
> > 
> > Jocelyn  =
This has been a sad week for us.  My mother in law passed away Monday and 
Joe is working out of town until Thursday.  It makes it harder because he  
is out of cell phone range and no internet.  We do get used to being
connected don't we.  We spent last Saturday night with her and we are so
thankful we did.   
I am going to hop over and check out everyone's blocks, have a great week.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Buggy Barn

I received an email from The Buggy Barn,  it was their newsletter about their Outdoor Quilt show and class schedule.   Yippee!!   April is wonderful for many reasons, longer warmer days is at the top of my list and a close second is Buggy Barns newsletter.

I signed mom and I up for a class with Stacy of Buttermilk Basin.  She has a wonderful Patchwork Leaf table topper.  Wool, embroidery and looks like velvet pumpkins.  I am so excited, and just darn happy to think of such warm weather you need an air conditioner.  How about you!!

Patchwork Leaf by Buttermilk Basin   

When I was in Omaha we took a trip to the zoo!!  Here is a picture of us having a good time!
On the way to the zoo!

New playset for the boys!!
The playset wasn't put together when I was in Omaha, but I hear the boys can not get enough.  I can just imagine, can't wait to go play too.

We actually had 60 degrees and blue skies today.  Oh boy I'm so ready for good weather.
Next week it is supposed to be 70,  WELCOME SPRING!!

Easter Blessings,


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Midwest Visit II

A came to Omaha a couple days before Spring Break started.  This gave me a little time to visit with a friend over lunch, go visit a new quilt shop and spend an afternoon at the boys school. 

I met Sarah last summer when we came to Omaha.  Her husband and mine have known each other for a while and they went on a hunting trip last October to Idaho.  So this was an opportunity to spend some time together and share life stories.  Friends are special,  I value those treasured moments that are so rare these days.  I look forward to more time with Sarah when I visit again.

After lunch I ventured to a new area of Omaha with the help of my smart phone!!  Love the  navigational App, I was looking for a new shop that I saw advertised in Primitive Quilts.
It is a new shop, 9 months old, you wouldn't know it by all the fabrics, quilts and displays.   I really loved everything about this shop.  Lyn and her staff were friendly and helpful.  Lyn allowed me to take pictures but wasn't prepared that I took one of her!!   I would love to have a box of drawers for my threads like she had.  There was a complete selection of valdani threads and a nice selection of wools.

 The quilt samples were so beautiful, I loved this block of the month with the blue toile as the set fabric.
 Lots of civil war fabrics and quilts.
 I purchased a couple small kits, one is for english paper piecing using black and gold civil war quilt fabric that was quite striking.  A small wool banner like the one in the second picture.  There were the table top hangers too.  I am making it for Krista, and I can add more seasonal ones in the future.
If you live in the Omaha area you are lucky enough to have two very nice quilt shops. 

It was a fun and active week with my son and his family, time always goes to fast.  We enjoyed the zoo, children's museum and I visited the triplets school on Friday afternoon.  They are in head-start and I was so impressed with how independent they are becoming.  And can I say grown up, wow, they just fall into line, get themselves dressed, cooperate very well for being3 1/2, and ride their school bus.   Jaxon loves soccer,  Ethan is walking with the aid of his braces and Hayden loves putting his cars and toys in rows.  Hayden is very organized to say the least. 
The boys had a great time at the Children's Museum,  there was a construction exhibit that was just awesome!!  It was a great time seeing the boys enjoy all the exhibits and interact with the creative experiences.  
I am really hoping that it won't be nine months before I get to spend time with them.  Children grow up much to fast and grandkids are one of life's most precious blessings.

Spring blessings,


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Midwest Visit

Yesterday I left Central Oregon to light snowflurries and flew to the Midwest with temperatures near 80 degrees.   I am taking myself a Spring Break with my son's family in Omaha!!!  WooHoo!

I arrived in Omaha at 2pm and this time I rented a car,  a cute little red Toyota.  This way Chris didn't have to leave work and I can do some running around today.  I used my navigation app on my smart phone,  so cool, when I got close to home I thought I'm kinda hungry so I turned up 120th.  Went a ways and when I got to Center Street, their was Country Sampler Quilt Shop.  I think I have a built in GPS for that shop.  So forgetting my hunger I went shopping instead.  I love this shop, they carry so much fabric and wool and also very cute gifties.

This display just inside greats you with the sweetness of Spring.

 The cover quilt on Kim Diehl's Simple Graces made up with kit available, so very tempting

And a Bonnie Blue quilt with kits available,  also tempting.  I'm never very strong in a quilt store.

I purchased some new Jo Morton selections in reds and tans with red, some 3-strand valdani, and sweet smelling candles. I left behind the kit for Kim Diehls quilt and some Need'l love wool.  I have to save some $$ for later.    They have a wonderful selection of reproduction fabrics which we don't have locally so it was fun picking select pieces.
After this sidetrack adventure it was off to see the main attraction in Omaha.  

Hula Hula Hula
See Ethan,  I am so impressed, he has been walking since December.  His new braces and his amazing will has him keeping up with his brothers!!!

Today I am meeting a friend for lunch at Cafe Annie's,   their salads look wonderful.    Then I am going to visit More Sew For You.  I will let you know what I find there.

Tomorrow I plan on visiting the boys school, the first round of the NCAA Tournament is here too, Chris is a Creighton season ticket holder so we are going to take in a game this weekend!!!   I didn't even know,  so cool!

Talk with you Soon,

Spring Blessings,