Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break

It's been a long stretch since my last visit with family in Omaha.  So I spent my week with them for Spring Break.   I had to make a choice to be here when they were out of school and work or be here later this week for my son's 40th birthday.   It was a hard choice but I had to make one like it or not...NOT!

It's really been a perfect mix of activity, resting, snuggling, eating, basketball watching.  It's been so great but it is always over much to fast.

Our first outing was to the Pizza Machine where there are tons of fun rides, activities and mediocre!!!  Its all about the fun anyway.  My pictures got lost somehow, I found them over on facebook, all except the Pizza Machine videos...bummer.   I lost some fun videos with crazy conversation which was fun to listen to with the kids.   Don't you just love kids giggles!!  :)

Next we went to the Henry Doorley Zoo, which has some WARM indoor exhibits.  We started with the Aquarium.  I haven't been to it so I was excited too see what the buzz was all about.
Jaxon was so excited to see the Penguins and they didn't disappoint.  There was a variety and they were so fun to watch.. the walk thru aquarium was very cool.  Full of sharks, turtles and tons of fish.  I definitely list this exhibit among the must see each time we go to the zoo.   Again....the only picture left is one I posted on facebook!  I am still trying to figure out moving pictures from there to my blog...this may be a very boring post.

Blogger is having some issues I can't be me, my post is missing a few lines.

Anywhoo, its been a wonderful trip and I am now sitting at the airport rewriting my big finish..... Ha!
I am giving up on pictures at this time and going to just figure them out later or it will be another 6 months before I post.   I guess I will have to use my ipad for pictures so I don't have to go looking for them.

Spring Blessings, whenever it decides to show up will be absolutely wonderful with me.