Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will it be finished this Christmas?

A few years ago I started making a Christmas Quilt from a Needle Love book.   I wasn't crazy about it at all so it was layed aside.  After much shopping for and collecting wools I decided one day early this month  to give it a peek.  Yep, I still didn't like it.  So  I began pulling basted pieces off, it was really pathetic but I knew my knew stash was going to make me much happier.

I needed to felt the wool pieces for one thing,  the poinsettia leaves were cut from a wool piece I purchased but it had not been felted!   Gasp!  I know, how could I have been so naive.  :))

And how about some overdyed plaids, :))) for some of the poinsettia leaves,   yes it is looking so much better, a little sprinkle of textured green plaids for the holly.  Be still my heart,  my stash of wools are so fun to cut up I can hardly stand it.  

If you ever saw a kit and said, " I'm sure I have enough at home to make this, I don't need the kit."  Well let me say I have said that but I KNOW that is never true.  $$$$$$$ dollars of wool purchases later I am finally satisfied with my choices for this quilt.    But I have about 4 Buggy Barn trips and multiple other wonderful quilt shop memories collecting all my wonderful wools.

I  decided it needed a little tweaking, moving pieces out and centering better but I love it now and even if it doesn't get finished for Christmas I know I could visit one here in Bend that is finished and mostly likely decorating a wonderful families home!

We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving with family in Seattle.  My niece had a baby boy Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  My sister is a grandmother and I am a great-aunt.  Isn't that just the greatest thing.   Holding Davis, who was born at 7lb 2 oz.  I kept thinking he is 2 pounds bigger than Ethan and 3 pounds bigger than Hayden but is so small.   I swaddled him with such ease, nice to know I haven't lost my touch.   I am so happy for them and will enjoy all their Facebook posts giving me my Davis updates.

My last post was so long ago,  and about my precious Slide girl.  I must tell you she passed away mid June, breaking my heart.  I'm a total sap and still cry when I talk about her,  you never know how much a pet or a person can mean to you until you lose them.

Until next time....God Bless and Keep You!