Monday, November 4, 2013

Quiltworks First-Friday

This year is flying by!   November already, along with the fast approaching holidays. much happens this time of year that I have been planning with my pocket calendar so I stay on track.  It is kind of crazy to find the days getting filled.

Quiltworks First Friday was on the 1st of November, way to jump out there and get a head start on all the creativity of the season!

This month was as wonderful as ever with "Inspirations Small Quilt Show", with many local quilters participating.  I used my phone camera so I just took a few.  Enjoy!

I loved this quilt!   The green was so pleasing and isn't that rick-rack vine adorable.

Val's quilt is fabulous!

This Blue and Gray quilt made me want to go home and sew up my civil war fabrics.
Landscape quilt on my list after seeing these two.  The bottom quilt was a collaberation of quilters and the details are fabulous!
This christmas quilt was made for the quilters 4 year old granddaughter who asked for a snowman quilt!  I love the story, melts my heart!
This Totem Pole quilt was made with woolie flannels and the faces and eyes especially are amazing. 

Today is full of business errands so I must get going.  I will be back to share some pictures from our vacation before I forget I even went on one.

Fall Blessings,


Monday, October 7, 2013

Tavern House and leisure time

It has been a long time since I had this much leisure time.  So before the day gets busy I want to share some WIPs.

Tavern House by Maggie Bonanomi.  Every since I first noticed Maggie's work in Need'l Love books I have loved her designs.   I enjoyed taking several classes with her at The Buggy Barn.   This BOM is through Primitive Gatherings,  I love there color choices and of course their wool is always beautiful.  I am using a primitive stitch for most of it and adding a few embroidery embelishments that I learned with Sue Spargo this summer.

My newest WIP is a fun flower quilt with wools on homespuns and bushed cottons.  I am pulling wools from my stash, which is an adventure and tons of fun finding wools I have forgotten I owned!  I have found that you can spend more than a pretty penny on wools and not really have just the right thing, but making do is satisfying.  I brought these blocks along with me on our trip and they are pretty quick to stitch up.  One night I looked at my block and realized part of the flower was crooked.   Soooo a little unsewing and the next day I payed closer attention to details.  :)

This is a Christmas quilt by Heart in Hand, it is a BOM through The Buggy Barn.  Wools on textured cottons, Diamond Textiles.
I prefer putting wools on a heavier cotton since working with these fabrics,  I also love the their texture.  The angels eyes are going to be a challenge for me, she needs a more finished look,  details always give me a challenge.   

Thanks for coming by and seeing what I am up too, blogging has been a wonderful experience.  Meeting people with so much creativeness has been a blessing to me.

Fall blessings from Nebraska!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Blessings

I may be the only one who sees this post since I have been so abscent.   I have been working on some fun quilts and keeping busy working.  
Since my last post I did get to go to my first quilt market in Portland.  It was wonderful and overwhelming.  I would love to go again next spring.

My friend Cathy, of Wild Hare Fibers, took Michelle and I along and we had lots of fun with her at market.  I'm not sure if she thinks that was such a good idea now.   We talked her into a BOM, that has been a good success for her and we nodded with each purchase she made.  If she didn't buy it we would be so hard to shop for a quilt shop at market.  It is so easy to get caught up in all the creativity.  It is a smorgasbord of color, texture and pattern.

Cathy, Michelle and I at the Primitive Gathering booth having our picture taken by Lisa.  I just love everything in their booth, especially this Tree quilt.  

The Barn Chicks...Pam and Janet.  They are soooo nice and I always have the best time at their Quilt Show in August.

When I get away and do anything the number one item on my list is SLEEP.  I have been having a hard time with fatigue.  I have been doing something about it since late summer and I am hoping to get some answers.  I also have joined a gym, I have been going for three weeks and finally don't feel like I am going to die at the end of my class.  I love it and I Love all the wonderful people that attend my class.  This was one of my New Year only took me nine months to get it done and I am so glad I did.

In August I went to the Buggy Barn Quilt Show and took a class with Sue Spargo with mom and my sister.  It was wonderful.  I feel so blessed to share my love of quilting with them.  
Here they are with there new baskets from the Folk Art Sale.  
This quilt is one that I am working on with a group of friends.  I have several blocks prepped and will get them stitched up on our trip.
This is mom at Sue Spargo class,  I think we will take another class with Sue, it was wonderful.

This week DH and I are going to German Wirehair Nationals in Lincoln Nebraska.  We have packed the horse trailer with everything but the kitchen sink, including horses and 4 dogs.  We are really ready for a fun road trip and visiting with friends from the East Coast to the West Coast.  Our son and family are coming on Sunday to visit before the field trials start.  I am looking forward to the boys getting on Pilgrim, our Tennessee Walker, and going for a ride.

We are traveling with a storm at our back so it is our goal to get through Wyoming by Thursday evening.  The weather man is talking about several inches of snow.  Can you believe it, darn, I am so not ready for winter.

Now that I have figured out how to post from my ipad I will enjoy keeping in touch on my blog.  I am pretty slow at figuring this stuff out  but finally I have done it....

Happy Fall.....the colors are beautiful!
Until next time.....Carrie

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break

It's been a long stretch since my last visit with family in Omaha.  So I spent my week with them for Spring Break.   I had to make a choice to be here when they were out of school and work or be here later this week for my son's 40th birthday.   It was a hard choice but I had to make one like it or not...NOT!

It's really been a perfect mix of activity, resting, snuggling, eating, basketball watching.  It's been so great but it is always over much to fast.

Our first outing was to the Pizza Machine where there are tons of fun rides, activities and mediocre!!!  Its all about the fun anyway.  My pictures got lost somehow, I found them over on facebook, all except the Pizza Machine videos...bummer.   I lost some fun videos with crazy conversation which was fun to listen to with the kids.   Don't you just love kids giggles!!  :)

Next we went to the Henry Doorley Zoo, which has some WARM indoor exhibits.  We started with the Aquarium.  I haven't been to it so I was excited too see what the buzz was all about.
Jaxon was so excited to see the Penguins and they didn't disappoint.  There was a variety and they were so fun to watch.. the walk thru aquarium was very cool.  Full of sharks, turtles and tons of fish.  I definitely list this exhibit among the must see each time we go to the zoo.   Again....the only picture left is one I posted on facebook!  I am still trying to figure out moving pictures from there to my blog...this may be a very boring post.

Blogger is having some issues I can't be me, my post is missing a few lines.

Anywhoo, its been a wonderful trip and I am now sitting at the airport rewriting my big finish..... Ha!
I am giving up on pictures at this time and going to just figure them out later or it will be another 6 months before I post.   I guess I will have to use my ipad for pictures so I don't have to go looking for them.

Spring Blessings, whenever it decides to show up will be absolutely wonderful with me.