Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gift in the mail and what a storm!

I got some fun mail last week! I was the winner at Lovestitches giveaway. Steph gave a stitchery that she made. It is really adorable.
The stitches on this are amazingly small, the little flowers really need a better camera than mine to show the detail.
I am sorry it has taken more than a week to show my prize, but I did not get the picture downloaded before I sent my camera on its little trip. No need to go there again.

Its really the cutest thing, I love it and can really appreciate how tiny these cute little flowers are. I just would never be able to do them so small. Thank you Steph for sharing your art, it is nicely framed in a wooden hoop and ready to display.

Right now it is on my Grandmother's piano with this little teapot. The stitchery is a little kimono girl and I thought she looked so cute next to these little dutch children on my antique teapot!So this afternoon I headed out to the post office, the skies were getting pretty dark and the rain was just beginning. Within 20 minutes a loud lightening storm with rain and hail made for a real driving mess.
We must have had 3 inches of rain and hail in just that 20 minutes. I wasn't feeling to bright driving in the lightening but I was already half way to the post office before I drove into the worst of it.
The hail looked like snow it was so thick.
I think I am glad I didn't get in the middle of this part of the storm, I would have had to pull over.
Anyway I got my package from the post office and got my grocery shopping done!!
And I got my camera in time to take these pictures, Lol........ aren't you excited!!!
My poor yellow flower basket has really taken poorly to the wind and hail. It will need some tender care to snap out of this beating.
My goodies from my porch swap are holding up and I will get some pictures and have show 'n' tell tomorrow.
I even have some pictures of my Wool Garden blocks, they are looking so good, I just love the large baskets of flowers out of wool.
Spring blessings,


Karen said...

The stitchery does look good next to the teapot!

Anne said...

Wow,what a storm. I can't say that I'm sorry I missed it tho. Dave called me to tell me all about it. It was 80 and sunny in Seattle. Don't mean to rub it in. LOL

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

The teapot and stitchery go together so well, really looks so nice.

Carrie P. said...

Glad to hear you got your camera back safe and sound.
What a storm!
And such a sweet little stitchery you won. Congrats.

Stina said...

Yikkess.. that was a ugly storm... hope everything is gone by now!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I'm so glad that your camera had a safe trip back to you from my house.
Love the stitchery...it looks perfect with the teapot.
Wow...that looks like some nasty storm!!
I got your card today...thank you. And thank you so much for my wonderful gifts from the porch swap. I love my quilted flag you made for me and I will cherish it forever!! I getting ready to post some photos of my goodies on my blog tonight.
hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like the embroidery! Thats some seriously wet weather, you shouldn't be taking photos driving in it lol.