Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!  May the Love of our Saviour bless your Christmas holiday!

I want to share a finish of my Holly Quilt!  I sewed on it for many years and am so thrilled at the quilting done by Kim,  quilter at Quiltworks in Bend.

Christmas Blessing from my home to yours!


Friday, December 5, 2014

A Little Fun

Since we were in Eugene to visit with a Real Estate Agent mom and I took the opportunity to do some shopping!  Shamrock Flowers and Gifts was so much fun with all their cute decorations.  It has been many years since I was their and they didn't disappoint!

Mom and I bought gifts for each other,  this is the snowman she bought me, except with a red scarf.  There were so many cute ones it was dilema!

I loved the one with the striped scarf!

Oh theres Mom looking real tempted.....

Isn't this an awesome display for ribbons, love it too!

We stopped in at Pottery Barn and founds towels on sale 30% off for the day,  had to get some for the guest bathroom.  And we loved these pillows.  Mom chose a little pillow for her gift!  Its adorable on her has embroidered" And to All a Good Night"   Darn it, I didn't take a picture!
       We thought this pillow would be fun to make!   We had a car like this when I was a little girl.
Are you enjoying the holiday blog hops,  I have been following Staceys " Primitive Christmas Blog Hop"   at  Buttermilk Basin.  You can follow along by going to the link.  Have you made any of the cute projects? 

I have been stitching one up and its so fun!

Christmas Blessings to all of you, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

We are smack dab in the middle of the Holiday season so I better get posting something.....right?   Thank you to my blog friends that nudge me along,  I appreciate all the wonderful friends in blogland.   I have decided that when we travel,  meeting up with bloggers is at the top of my list.  We are planning some fun adventures in the next couple years so Mr. Cricketwood is on-board with meeting up too!   I  love that!!

This favorite quilt is off to the quilters and I am so excited about this....

I will get it back in the middle of the month and sew on the binding,  so excited to hang it this year!  This is a quilt from a Need'l love book,  I started it so many years ago and have redone the applique and wools pieces so many times, so thankful to have it finished...almost!

I spent the Thanksgiving Holiday at my mothers home.  She is selling her home of 30plus years, which is a 30 acre tree farm as well.  Whew!  What a job packing your life up at 84.  My mom is amazing, it has been  seven years since my dad passed and she is ready to be in town and have neighbors.   We packed, met with a perspective realtor, shopped and had a fabulous 5 days together.
My daughter came for dinner and brought us gorgeous Poinsettias...

Mine is pictured in one of the crocks mom gave me.  I am so far behind on getting down the pumpkins and decorating for Christmas.  I will be doing some cleaning/decorating this week along with my month-end bookkeeping!    

God bless you in all your Holiday preperations and parties,  I will be back soon with some fun quilty highlights from the long no-post year!!!   :))

Primitive Blessings,

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Warm Retreat

I am in awe of all the creative quilters who blog on a regular basis.  I personally feel I chase my tail a lot!  I have very good intentions to finish projects, blog, even keep a clean house.  But......Oh well All is Good.
So....Spring Break took HH and I to warm sunny Palm Desert, Indio, CA  to be exact.  We stayed at a wonderful Wyndham Resort that was so relaxing and beautiful.  My one goal was to exercise every morning at their gym.  I spent an hour, 30 minutes on the bike or stair stepper type gadget!   And I am proud of myself that I achieved that goal.  And 4 days of just laying by their gorgeous pool working on a tan, with 30 sunscreen.  I didn't get very tanned, but I didn't burn myself either.  It was so wonderful soaking up the warmth of the sun,  I know we will be getting warm here in a couple more months,  I am anxious for the change!

The grounds were beautiful and even had a Starbucks to keep up a good cup of morning coffee. 
We did some eating out at wonderful restaurants, Jackalope Grill was wonderful in every aspect.  They have wonderfully prepared food in a tropical setting.   They have a gorgeous water feature that makes outside seating the most pleasant experience.

There is a tram that we took up to San Jacinto Mtn. it was a nervous ride but amazing, you rise 6500 feet to enjoy a hike full of gorgeous vantage points overlooking the valley.   They weather was perfect for hiking and enjoying the beautiful area.  

After a wonderful week we headed out to Oceanside, a two hour drive, to visit our grandson, Tylor, who is stationed at Camp Pendleton.  We met him at the beach and had the most wonderful visit, even if a short one! 
I just love this man, he makes my life feel complete when I am with him.  This week he started his Basic Recon Course, he is in my prayers every day!!!  This Marine is my Courage!

We are back in Oregon with Snow, Sleet and Rain.....and the farm on Cricketwood!   I will be back with pictures of my visit to The Fat Quarter Shop in Vista, CA.  

Spring Blessings, 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Merry Christmas Quilt

Late last year I changed my Subway responsibilities to office mode!   YIPPEE!   
It has been a very good thing on many levels.  First I do not hurt all the time, and I have been able to wean myself off all anti-inflamitory drugs.  I had several doctor appointments getting my arthritis assessed and dealing with issues related to that.  X-rays, MRI and injection of cortisone and I am feeling so much better with answers and acceptable levels of discomfort.  Discomfort seems a better word than pain!  Maybe its mental.  Ha, thats the way you feel when you are in pain all the time.  A Mental Case, it makes you so self absorbed!  Trying to cope and get rid of it!
This year has been so much better,  now I need the weather to clear so I can get out and walk off this winter weight!  
I am so thankful for the time to be healthier, and spend so much time in my sewing room!   Life is Good!  

So many people are in real life challenges right now so I really want to say how thankful I am for all the blessings God has given to me.  Family, heath and home.  I am praying for healing, peace and grace for many friends right now!  It keeps everything in perspective!

February brought a blessing of a family visit to Omaha.  What a huge blessing.  It's like a gigantic hug of Love!
The boys are in kindergarten, and I was there on the day of their Valentine Party.

It was  a fun and busy time,  as always..    They are  developing their iindividual interests, which is so fun to see when we visit.  Jaxon is all about sports and is amazing!!   He has a mind full of stats  and loves to play basketball.  I  got my daily exercise playing hoops with him in the basement!!   Jaxon loves the  Oregon Ducks, so we had  a Arizona State rematch and the Ducks WON this time!  Haa!!  He  went to the Creighton game  and had an absolute blast!!

Ethan had surgery on his left foot recently so he can only crawl or be in his wheel chair, bummers  for awhile!!  He is so reselient  and loves to dress--up and  plays in front of a mirror and has crazy funny conversations!! What a crack up!    Hayden  was invited to a birthday party  of a girl in his class,  so it begins!   It was the first time  that mom and dad didn't stay for the party, everyone survived and it was fun to watch it all develop.  I must say I am always so impressed by my wonderful   daughter  and son  in the fabulous way they raise their family!

I have been sewing on MerryChristmas quilt   by Heart and Hand.   There  are some details I need to finish then I can get started on the borders.
Having  the time  to focus on unfinished projects  has been wonderful.  

Santa and Angel need eyes, oh boy, embroidery challenge!!   Great problem isn't it!
While in Omaha I had time to visit  Country Sampler, I will share some fun  pictures I took there.

Primitive  Blessings


Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Snowstorm 2014

We have been having some amazing snow here in Oregon!  It was feeling like winter may pass us by, that would be very bad for us this summer.  So as good as the snowfall is, it made for some real crazy conditions.  Thankfully, we have escaped the freezing rain the Willamette Valley experienced.  For this, we are very thankful!
   My chicken Coop with two feet of snow, they definitely didn't venture out, they were served breakfast in bed.   Below, the horses and cows in their snowy field.   We increase their feeding to twice a day without any pasture too graze.

We shoveled snow for three days trying to keep up with walkways and driveways, until the pile of snow was a mountain.Thankfully, we have a tractor to move the pile and most of the snow in the drive.
I kept busy sewing on Tavern House and watching the Olympics.  I love the Olympics and so far it has been another entertainment success!  Figure skating is always one of my favorite events, and so again it is magical!!  We added a NBC sports channel that has allowed to watch events earlier and more of the Olympics too.   Well worth the $7!
I finished the stitching on the last border this weekend and will sew it on.  There is a small border around the whole quilt then I can start the quilting.
Later this week we are going to visit family in Omaha!  We are so excited!

Winter blessings,  Carrie

Sunday, January 26, 2014


FLOWERS,  is what is on my design wall.    Flowers is a Linda Brannock pattern I am doing with a couple friends. I'm ready to have flowers in the garden but that is still many months away.  I have a bit more stitching and some pieced baskets to make.   The choice of the half-square triangle sashing has me occupied.  I keep waffling on what I really want, so I will have to sew a few extra, to see how they look before I make a decision.   Thats ok I guess because there is always a few pieces left after each quilt I make.....and how those extras can talk to you.  Staying focused and getting a quilt finished has always been a challenge, I am to easily distracted.   I'm going to have Courage and just stay focused, I will get to those distractions later.

Here are my blocks without any sashing triangles, next time I will have made a choice and will get them sewed on!!!

One distraction this last week was the latest issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  LOVE IT!   Major distraction! 
Missy Carpenter's punch needle project is wonderful and she is giving away a years subscription, go to her blog, Traditional Primitives.
I really like it both ways, punchneedle or wool mat.  

We have been having some very spsring-like weather here in Central Oregon.  I know I shouldn't enjoy it so much but we did have snow last June.  If it can snow in June it can be 60 degrees in January.   Feels so good.  I'm sure it will change this week.

Talk with you soon, Happy Stitching!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Courageous in 2014

Happy New Year!   This year has started off with some unseasonally warm weather.  I have enjoyed the opportunity by visiting my mother in the valley with clear driving conditions.   My mother stayed home this winter from her usual trip to Arizona.  It has been so nice to spend time with her over the holidays and in January.

We went to a favorite quilt shop "Something To Crow About", in Springfield.  They are a small shop but full of my favorite things, and they had some finished quilts that are on my "list".     
This first quilt is from Primitive Gatherings,  I have this kit, but it is the first version which was a smaller scale.  

This next quilt is a summer freebie from Primitive Gatherings,  so cute!

Live Simply from Buttermilk Basin,  I can say I did not buy this pattern set but Love it!!

Primitive Gathering Block of the week for 2013!   I love this one, also on my "List".    I love the theme of this Quilt, and will not start it until many other  quilts get finished....

But this block:  "Courage" I may do because this is my word for 2014!     My oldest grandson, Tylor, enlisted in the Marine Corp and graduated from Boot Camp in December.  We were honored to attend the graduation and share  in his success and hard work.  I am so proud of Tylor,  he is a wonderful person and the most kind-hearted young man.  He was absolutely committed to achieving the highest position possible in his unit.  He was successful and received a meritorious promotion, and was chosen to carry the Marine Corp flag during the ceremony.     I am so very proud of him!  These times are very scary for me and I have been very worried about his decision.   Listening to all the Drill Sargents and Officers at graduation ceremonies I heard them sa, "Courage does not mean you are fearless!  It is what you do in spite of  fear etc."  So I embrace Tylor's life choice and will be on my own path to "Courage"  this year!

Oh how we enjoyed the 70 degree weather,  it was below zero when we left Oregon for San Diego!
Watching your grandchildren grow up is a wonderful experience and I am so glad I had so much time to spend with Tylor in his  youth.   I miss him everyday but my heart is full!  I am looking forward to growing in Courage in 2014!

Baskets of Courage!