Friday, December 5, 2014

A Little Fun

Since we were in Eugene to visit with a Real Estate Agent mom and I took the opportunity to do some shopping!  Shamrock Flowers and Gifts was so much fun with all their cute decorations.  It has been many years since I was their and they didn't disappoint!

Mom and I bought gifts for each other,  this is the snowman she bought me, except with a red scarf.  There were so many cute ones it was dilema!

I loved the one with the striped scarf!

Oh theres Mom looking real tempted.....

Isn't this an awesome display for ribbons, love it too!

We stopped in at Pottery Barn and founds towels on sale 30% off for the day,  had to get some for the guest bathroom.  And we loved these pillows.  Mom chose a little pillow for her gift!  Its adorable on her has embroidered" And to All a Good Night"   Darn it, I didn't take a picture!
       We thought this pillow would be fun to make!   We had a car like this when I was a little girl.
Are you enjoying the holiday blog hops,  I have been following Staceys " Primitive Christmas Blog Hop"   at  Buttermilk Basin.  You can follow along by going to the link.  Have you made any of the cute projects? 

I have been stitching one up and its so fun!

Christmas Blessings to all of you, thanks for stopping by!


Lori said...

Ah, A fun day shopping it looks like!

Karen said...

So many wonderful Christmas decorations and prim in style. We do not have a good place to shop like this.

Judy S. said...

Looks like you and your mom had a great day. Merry Christmas!

Lock Smith said...

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