Thursday, January 23, 2014

Courageous in 2014

Happy New Year!   This year has started off with some unseasonally warm weather.  I have enjoyed the opportunity by visiting my mother in the valley with clear driving conditions.   My mother stayed home this winter from her usual trip to Arizona.  It has been so nice to spend time with her over the holidays and in January.

We went to a favorite quilt shop "Something To Crow About", in Springfield.  They are a small shop but full of my favorite things, and they had some finished quilts that are on my "list".     
This first quilt is from Primitive Gatherings,  I have this kit, but it is the first version which was a smaller scale.  

This next quilt is a summer freebie from Primitive Gatherings,  so cute!

Live Simply from Buttermilk Basin,  I can say I did not buy this pattern set but Love it!!

Primitive Gathering Block of the week for 2013!   I love this one, also on my "List".    I love the theme of this Quilt, and will not start it until many other  quilts get finished....

But this block:  "Courage" I may do because this is my word for 2014!     My oldest grandson, Tylor, enlisted in the Marine Corp and graduated from Boot Camp in December.  We were honored to attend the graduation and share  in his success and hard work.  I am so proud of Tylor,  he is a wonderful person and the most kind-hearted young man.  He was absolutely committed to achieving the highest position possible in his unit.  He was successful and received a meritorious promotion, and was chosen to carry the Marine Corp flag during the ceremony.     I am so very proud of him!  These times are very scary for me and I have been very worried about his decision.   Listening to all the Drill Sargents and Officers at graduation ceremonies I heard them sa, "Courage does not mean you are fearless!  It is what you do in spite of  fear etc."  So I embrace Tylor's life choice and will be on my own path to "Courage"  this year!

Oh how we enjoyed the 70 degree weather,  it was below zero when we left Oregon for San Diego!
Watching your grandchildren grow up is a wonderful experience and I am so glad I had so much time to spend with Tylor in his  youth.   I miss him everyday but my heart is full!  I am looking forward to growing in Courage in 2014!

Baskets of Courage!



Michelle said...

Love the quilts. One of these days hope to stop there when they are open . Great job for Tyler

Michelle said...

oh...and Cathy is going to be doing that Buttermilk Basin as a BOM I think.

Judy S. said...

Best wishes to your grandson! When were you in SD? We were just down there also!

Lori said...

I love that quilt shop! We need snow although it has been nice to be traveling without worry.
Congrats to your grandson!

Carrie P. said...

WOW! how proud you must be of your grandson.
I got the 2013 BOW too but I have not started any of them yet. Maybe this year.