Monday, October 20, 2008

Triplets are Heavenly! Twisted Sisters~

We went to Omaha last week for "the boys" Christening. The outfits were made by my DIL's mother. Fine wale corduroy pantsuit with Satin vest and bowties made from DIL"s wedding dress.
The perfect little shoes.

It was a perfect day!

Jaxon with his godmother, now he has grown just a bit!

Three wonderful ladies in my grandson's life, Ethan just cannot take his eyes off his godmother, this is how he posed in all the pictures. Kelsey, right, is my DIL's best friend. She was a devoted friend during the pregnancy. :)))

Grandpa enjoyed putting all the babies to sleep. He was very good at his job. No scary stuff like diaper changing!! :000

In July I go to Sunriver with my Twisted Sisters. There are 12 of us, we rent a large house and set up our machines and sew, shop, stay up late. Take turns cooking, eat at home together, makes it a perfect time since we don't get to see each other during the year. The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is held during this week, we go see all the eye candy and motivation.

Sunriver has trails for biking and walking. So we do a bit of that too. Even though it is 15 miles from my home it is perfect vacation spot with golf courses, trails, swimming, river rafting.

We do a community quilt for charity. Last year I shared a BOM I participated in even while my sewing room was dismantled and we remodeled. Crazy me, is it only me, I should have canceled that year. Well, there were 12 blocks with pattern and fabric. How convenient! It was a 2005 Jan Patek Mystery Quilt. Pieced blocks, some applique, but alot of homespun and twills too. Not really what my Twisted Sisters had worked with before. As the blocks came in there were a few comments like, " here's my block, never worked with this type of fabric before, a bit of a challenge". I put them up on a wall as they came in and just loved them. I sewed the quilt together and I am so happy they loved the quilt. They were pleasantly surprised at how much they loved the finished project. Now it is my job to quilt it and present it to the charity! Yikes, it is larger than I like to handle on my machine.

Our sewing room was the bonus room, over the triple car garage, we had 10 people set up in the room, with a pool table and furniture. One gal paints and set up in the living room. Nice big room, with a big screen to watch all those good DVD's. Grease, we had to stop for the hand jive!, Miss Potter, CSI and Bones man those are scary.

A mystery quilt with Lori from The Stitchin Post, I purchased the background fabric last year during quilt show week. I love this pine cones and this batick was all pine cones. This quilt just needs a border to finish it I think, any ideas..... ?

We made this quilt for Sally, it was a surprise. Our dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and late spring had her surgery. She loved her quilt. Her sister, Marian, who cannot keep a secret from her sister didn't get to make a block. Marcia got the biggest laugh out of that and she was so touched by her gift. It was a very special moment.

Here are the girls from Corvallis, we loved this house and the large space for us to be together.

I just love being together with friends and family, sharing in each others lives. Helping to carry the burdens that come our way. I am so blessed.

I was checking on Anne at Bunnyhill Designs and she has pre-market sneek peeks. So Cute!!!

Fall blessings,


Kindra said...

What a great idea to make the baptismal outfits out your DIL's dress!! We used my husband's with our boys. :) Your grandsons are just the cutest! Thank you for sharing them with us.

And how fun does that girlfriend retreat look!! Yes, I'm jealous...I see every now and then on blogland little crafting retreats and they look like so much fun!

Anne said...

What a wonderfully fun retreat! Always great to get away with "the girls". Congrats on your blog!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Beautiful babies and beautiful quilts:)
I would love to do that sometime but I'm afraid I'd just want to talk not craft:)

Terry said...

Those cuties are already changing. Those outfits are adorable.

The retreat sounds like so much fun, but I think I'd be like Rondell, and just want to talk. lol!

yellowfarmhouse said...

Sweet adorable pictures of your grandbabies. I can only imagine how hard it is to be so far away. Keep those pictures coming :)

Love the name of your group of peeps and your quilts are beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in a great location. What a very special quilt your friend received. I know she will treasure it.

Hugs - Karen

Picket said...

Thos elittle dumplings are adorable and how blessed to have such great friends to help with the you idea of all your friends getting together like that for a week and all those quilts are beautiful....not only is the personal touch to each stitch so special but the time of share and caring for one another as the years go by is just priceless...take care girl and have a great week!

TknKareOfUs said...

The baptismal outfits were adorable. How precious to have the vest and bows made from her wedding dress. Very special.

I also wanted to say that the quilt you are showing that still lacksa border, is on of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen.

Linda said...

Whqat precious ababies! Love the outfits!

Oh the quilting retreat makes me jealous. You quilting gals have the right idea.

I recognize the city(town?) of Corvallis. Wonder if any of those gals new Boey Byers. I followed her story - so sad.

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures!

TknKareOfUs said...

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to have a camera up and going soon to show ya'll everything I've been doing. I think I've done the ones justice for their imaginations and their creativity that inspired me.... hope.....that is LOL

I like to tweak recipes too. I have a lot of "cupa" recipes for soups, stews and entrees. Some work out and some dont. I think I'm going to make an addendum to the pumpkin bread with apple butter and real apple pieces,minus the pumpkin of course. How does that sound?

Linda said...

Carrie thanks so much for sharing my joy!! hugs, Linda

KCQuilter said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have bookmarked yours and will visit often. My oh my, triplet babies--you lucky duck! Thanks for the beautiful scenes of the Northwest. We visited Oregon during the Lewis and Clark bicentennial year and thought it was just gorgeous. Oh, and one of my sons lives in Omaha!!! Small world, huh?