Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Opening Statement

I have enjoyed many blogs this last year. I would love to travel everywhere I've seen those beautiful fall colors, make all those wonderful quilts or plant every bulb, flower or tree I see. You know what I'm talking about..... I have heard many of you say exactly what I say too!!! Blogging has been so fun since I would never get it all done. I am the turtle for sure. But just love the process, it is about the fun right? LOL...

Recently, I have been the recepient of two giveaways.

Kindra, gave away one of her mothers tea-towels, it is wonderfully made and I just love it.

Karen, gave the cutest ensemble.

Thank you Kindra and Karen, I just love them.
I look forward to getting a handle on this blogging and sharing with all of you too. I have been a peeper up to this point and have had alot of fun. I think it will be more fun sharing with you as well.
Next time I will share about our trip last weekend to Omaha, NE. My son and wonderful, darling DIL live there along with our two-month old triplet grandsons. And they are grand. But thats for next time.
Fall blessings to all of you,


Anne Sutton said...

Hi Carrie!

Thank you for the birthday wishes and congratulations on your blog! It's delightful! The little bird that sent you over to visit is coming to market with me so we'll have lots of pictures to come. Have fun with your blog and come back to visit!

Kindra said...

Oh I'm so excited that you started a blog!! You have a wonderful start and as you know it gets mighty addicting. :) My mom's tea towel looks great in your home! And your win from Karen was so wonderful as well! She is one of the kindest gals around!

I'll be adding you to my blogroll. Can't wait to see those grandbabies of yours!

Linda said...

Nice to meet you Carrie!! And thanks for stopping by.

For now my solution is to ignore the fence. The rest of the year they are great neighbors so I don't want to upset or hurt them.

Triplet grandsons? What a blessing! Enjoy your visit!!

Terry said...

I found your blog through Linda (Behind my Red Door), and though I'd check it out.
I love to garden too, and when I saw you had triplet g. babies, I just had to add you to my blog roll.
I have twin boys, although they are grown up now with babies of their own.
I can't wait to see your 3 little cuties!

Karen said...

YAHOO - you took the plunge. It will be so fun to come over here to visit you and see what you've been up to. You a fun chicky to visit with and now I can see pictures as well. Thanks for sharing the pics of your grandbabies - they are adorable and getting big. More email later :)

Hugs - karen

Brenda said...

I am lovin' your blog! I am a Longaberger girl too! And I even have some of the same primware as you! LOL! I have that cool JOL tea towel, how weird is that? Maybe we were separated at birth? Now how do I get in on that Triplets action? Woo-Hoo. How fun is that?!

Anne said...

Carrie, Carrie, Carrie! My friend, Carrie! I've been meaning to call you since I couldn't email are set up as "no-reply", but I've been so busy that when I think about it, it's usually too late. Congrats on the triplets. I can't even imagine what that must be like. We'll have to get together for lunch soon! Call me or email me.