Saturday, October 25, 2008

Autumn Colors, Family visit

I went to visit my mother this week for a couple days before she leaves for Yuma, Arizona. The drive over the Cascades and down the McKenzie River never disappoints. The vine maples in the lava flows were almost passedtheir prime but I found a few. It was a blue sky day which made for perfect travel.

One of my most favorite stops is Sahalie Falls. You can pull over just before the falls and see this.

The river is really moving fast and the sound fills your ears. I love the sound. The falls are only about 50 feet or so from this spot.
The lichen that grows below the falls on the north side is a bright green, I just love the color. The serenity of this place is so amazing.
It was early afternoon and the sun was shining bright on the falls, my little camera isn't the best but the falls are so cool. If you visit the area this is a perfect place to stop.

My mothers home is quite a place. It sits up on a hillside just a few miles outside of a Cottage Grove. It is situated in the timber and has Chincapin trees. They call it Chincapin ridge. Dad cut down some Chincapin and the cabinets in the house are made from the trees. My father passed away last year but driving in the drive he cut through the trees, reminds me of him. In the spring, Lady Slippers grow in these trees. Dad would always pick mom a bouquet of them. They smell so good, they are very small orchids.
Around the house the Chincapin and maples are really in full color. This is the view out the living room and off the back of her new porch.

Mom has always wanted a big covered deck on the end of the house, so this summer she has kept herself busy getting one built. It is getting very close to being finished and since she will be leaving soon for Yuma it is a good thing. It will get stained this weekend and that will make it ready for good use next spring when she comes home. The railing will get finished after she leaves. The covered porch is going to keep the western sun off the windows and you dry from the rain. She has some old wagon wheels to hang in the eaves. It will be a fun place to have bbq's next summer.

Mom has a few antique quilts and this is the one I got to sleep under. The quilting is so nice, it has never been washed. It may have been a kit quilt from the 30's.

Antique pieces on the dresser at mom's, the lady is a powder sachet. It is fun to go antiquing with mom. I remember pieces like this at my grandma's house.
I finished this quilt top this summer. It is another mystery class, I had purchased the fabric to make a quilt and I am so pleased how the class turned out. That's the thing about a mystery class, you do not know what the finised quilt will be. I haven't been disappointed yet. And I always enjoy Lawry, from My DH really likes this quilt and would like to see it on the wall finished. Me too!!

Have a great weekend...
Fall Blessings, Carrie


Anonymous said...

Good Morning!
How wonderful to be the of so many grandsons--3 of which are triplets! Their little christening outfits are just wonderful.
Your "twisted sisters" gathering sounds so awesome! I think that would be a blast---how great to have a special time to "retreat" with your buddies!
The scenery you just shared on this post was lovely--ours (in MO)is quickly changing from beautiful yellow and orange leaves to bare limbs. We had to turn on our furnace last night---I shivered for two days before I broke down and switched the thermastat to "heat"!
It was so great to visit your blog!! dana

PunkiePie said...

What great scenery to drive through. Just lovely. Your grandsons are darling! I was looking through baby pictures of my little girl. I can't believe how fast she's grown. Enjoy them as much as you can - but I'm sure you know that already!

Jen :)

Linda said...

What a drive to your mom's home. Beautiful and full of memories I am sure. I can just smell the trees and hear ther water!!

Kindra said...

What beautiful views, Carrie! I'm sure the pictures don't do them justice. So glad you got to spend some time with family, they day looked beautiful!