Thursday, October 16, 2008

Family Day

Life brings us many unexpected adventures..... With all the planning, imagining, dreaming, sometimes the unexpected happens. That is what happened last January when my oldest son called to tell us they were pregnant, with triplets!!!!! Now we knew multiples were a possiblity, they needed to use fertility drugs to achieve this blessed state. But really can you prepare yourself for triplets? Not me or THEM! LOl....... Sometimes situations take you from grandma giddy to parental practicality in a second. My DIL is not a very big person, how is this going to work. Well, like all things, one day at a time. By April 1st she was on complete bedrest. And by July 26 she told me she wasn't getting out of bed and was ready for her body back! AMEN!! So July 28, 6 weeks early Hayden ( 4lbs), Ethan(5 lbs) and Jaxon (4 lbs 9oz.) were born. Thats alot of baby.

I am so impressed with my DIL, she is a very special person. It had been an amazing challenge for her to get to this point and she made it. PTL..... And she was sure to thank hubby for all those little requests he so cheerfully performed. TeeHee!!! You know what I'm talking about........ being on complete bedrest and all. All the family and friends in Omaha were outstanding to both of them through there pregnancy. I am so thankful for my DIL's very loving family.

August 13 I flew back to visit in Omaha, NE, I was greeted at the airport by all 5. OMGosh those little babies passed their 25 minute breathing test in the car seats and were on their way home.

Hayden was still only 4 lbs and to this day Iam still amazed he passed. He was not going to be left behind.

Pictured: Hayden, Ethan in back, Jaxon in front. Love the finger!!!

One thing we noticed was they have their own language and recognized each others voices. The Home Health nurse called it triplet talking. It was so cool to observe, unless it was 2am and you were trying to get just a little rest!!!!

We also noticed when we put them together they would sense each other and roll together, make eye contact or move a hand to touch. This connection from the womb is going to be fascinating to watch through there lives.

Hayden and Jaxon, the caption possibilities are endless for this picture.

Ethan and Hayden, those eyes are just captured on Ethan.

Grandma trying to get a group picture the night before leaving, that would be about 11:30pm.

It was just so great to see them and get to know them for 9 days.

Hayden enjoying a little boppy time. His nurse said of him, " Your the pretty one!" Yeah don't tell his brothers or there will be no end to the ribbing.

What a family!!!!

Now we are just a little bit sports enthusiasts. DIL is a Nebraska Cornhuskers and DS is an Oregon Duck fan. So Game Day pics were alot of fun!! You can tell they were into the game!

Aren't they grand!!!! I will let you know whats up with Ethan's cast another time. Until then thanks for looking in on us and have a fabulous Fall day!!!!



Kindra said...

Carrie, your grandsons are just beautiful. It's so great that they have close family and friends to help. I couldn't imagine having multiples...oh but what a blessing!

Terry said...

What a wonderful triple blessing! They are gorgeous!
That's funny you said that about the triple language, because my boys had that when they were little, and kept it up until they were almost 3 yrs. They even rolled together when I placed them at each ends of the crib.
It's great that they have family near enough to help.
Glad you got to spend some time with them Carrie!

Back in the Day said...

How precious! Your grandsons are so beautiful! I love their sports outfits! Too cute!

PunkiePie said...

What beautiful boys! You are blessed. Spend as much time as you possibly can with them.

Jen :)

Linda said...

Oh what precious babies. It is going to be so much fun watching them grow up! I hope you get to post pics of them often!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Carrie,
Thanks for stopping by for a visit, great to have you!

Those grandbabies are so adorable and I loved hearing how they talk to each other:) Please keep showing pics as they grow:)I'm adding you to my favs so I don't miss any posts of

Picket said...

Hello Carrie...Oh what a beautiful blessing..look at those little 'treasures'! lol lol I am so happy for you and your neice had twins girls back it March and they have such a connection between is amazing to watch them....I want to thank you so much for coming by and visiting...I love the header pic you have with your hubby's grandfather's peonies...that is beautiful...and congrats on winning those great giveaways girl! Take care and please come back anytime..I am putting you in my list so I can come back and check on those adorable grandbabies of yours! lol Have a great weekend sweetie!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

OH MY!!! Congratulations triple!! I wish your family all the best:o) What a blessing!

Kim said...

This is the sweetest success story...the little guys are so dear!

Snippen' Threads said...

Congratulations on the triplets. I have triplet grandchildren and it has been such a joy. Enjoy as much time with them as you can!

yellowfarmhouse said...

What beautiful little boys they are. Your buttons just have to be popping with love. What a wonderful journey lays ahead for everyone who loves them. It will be fun to watch as you blog about your precious little bundles.

Hugs - karen