Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I need a second home…… Omaha!

I had the best time…….again! Seems like its been to long again but we got to do some fun outings. I know it is going to be just more wonderful each time we visit the triplets. So I am dreaming about having my own home where I can go spend unlimited time, be at there beck and call, one short call away for filling in for anything, anytime they need a hand. Yeah, I said dreaming……but that is what I think about all the way home after a fun, action packed trip to visit the triplets.

Here is a picture of my son, the boys and myself at the farm we we visited. We went for a tractor ride to the pumpkin field, petted animals. The weather held out and didn’t rain on us and we made the outing short for the boys. Short and sweet…..perfect!


I love Denise, didn’t get a picture but she is the boys Nanny!! Just love her and the boys do too! She is a real sweetie and so much fun! Really has a heart for caregiving and teaching. She has some fun ideas for activities and learning, it is going to be so fun to hear all the stories.

The first lunch, meatballs with a yummy sauce. The boys are pretty much eating everything it seems. And boy did they love these meatballs. And boy oh boy were they messy!!! Lol…… gotta get a picture of this. Denise fed these a couple days earlier and she had her hands full getting them all cleaned up….and herself too. Lol… here’s Jaxon’s favorite face…..reminds me of a pirate face, but with meatball sauce….priceless.


You have to watch Hayden, if he likes it the mouth will be overflowing…..yeah Gramma I only have five bites…see…….


Ethan thinks they are just finger=likin good!! Mealtime is one of there favorite times and for me too. They are terrific eaters! They are growing like weeds so I can totally understand the appetite.


Friday night I got to be the babysitter during the adult Halloween party. Pebbles and Bam Bam were decked out from head to toe. OMG when they came downstairs I about choked…….I couldn’t stop laughing, they just have so much fun!!!


Everyday is fun fun fun!! The dinning room is the romper room with many fun toys……Ethan loves to play peek-a-boo and read books. He is going to be my little genius!! Love those little toes!


Do you think boys know what “NO” means at 15 months old. I think so!! Jaxon likes to take his little glasses off and boy oh boy I think he knows exactly what he is doing, and….that he really shouldn’t. You tell me!!


OK Gramma I was just testing, aren’t I just the cutest!!


Do you think they like to pose……smile……be still my heart! My photogenic triplets love to pose.




Now why is Hayden so happy……..because this is the couch and he loves to throw all the pillows off and go up and down, roll off and you catch him. Just his most favorite play area…..the couch!!! Here the squeal! He loves his teeth too, that tongue is always rubbing on it.


We went out to lunch before the Pumpkin Farm trip……yes to Grammas' favorite place, Panera’s. This is actually their first trip to a restaurant. We had a blast and they each ate a whole grilled cheese sandwich!!

Ethan loved people watching, he loves people. We were sitting right by the entry and he got to see everyone and then followed them to the counter!!! Getting to know the personality of the boys is one of my favorite things about spending time with them.


Jaxon kept me entertained even when I had my favorite Panera meal.


Hayden is the one who loves animals, this friendly little goat really wanted us to feed him but it gave Hayden enough time to warm up to him.


We tried to get pictures in the pumpkin patch but this is the only one that turned out with their pumpkins, and trying to get them to pose was out of the question.


They are drinking out of the little cups and trying to get a picture with all three bottoms up…….well this is the best I got. Hayden looks like his juice is spiked…lol!!!


OK thanks for indulging me if you are reading along, all you Grammy’s know how special your grandkids are to you so I know you forgive my indulgence.

I did get out of the house a couple times. I visited Country Sampler and took a drive to Lincoln to meet a fellow blogger Kindra. I will share about this on my next post along with what I am sewing on.

I need to catch up for sure….but for now I am off to have lunch with my girlfriend Linda. We just shared a fat quarter bundle of Rouenerries. I have so many patterns I could use it on, I will have to choose! There is a linen piece that I fell in love with so I am doing a make over that I will share too. It is the perfect red, perfect print and I found the perfect place!!!

Have you seen Karen’s new additions to Farmhouse Woolens, I love her taste and can not resist having just a little each time she adds something new!!!

This is a wonderful time of year to focus on Thankfulness. For us, it is the end of our busy business season. We are thankful for God’s blessing this work season. The economy is very slow and we are so thankful for everything we have received.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are going to be home this year. First time in over 14 years. So we are looking forward to spending time at a community kitchen and having our son at home for dinner. It is an opportunity to really look outside ourselves and give to others.

God Bless,



Anonymous said...

omg Cute beyond words. Isn't being a Grandma just the best thing in the whole world.

Carrie P. said...

The boys are growing so fast. They sure are cute and messy. lol
Thanks for sharing your sweet family pictures with us.

Judy S. said...

My how they have grown! I so know what you mean; I always have a tough time leaving Sylvan Lake and am tempted everytime we see a "for sale" sign but then reality sets in.

Carol said...

OMG they have grown soooooooo much. I do the same thing when we leave Birmingham...I'm constantly looking at every house with a sign out front.

Libby said...

Oh what fun it must be to be surrounded by those little ones *s* I do think you need a place nearby!

Lori said...

I'm not a Grandma but those boys are *too* cute!!! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful visit.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh Carrie! I hope some pennies drop from heaven so you can buy a second home close to those darling boys! How wonderful to have such sweet time with them and to meet the nanny and share so much fun!

And you got the added bonus to meet Kindra How fun - can't wait to hear all about it.

Being a Grammy is such a blessing!

yellowfarmhouse said...

Oh Carrie those boys are absolutely precious and delicious. They look so happy and sweet and those meatball faces, I about choked since I was drinking when I was reading - what a treasure those pics are. I wish for you that you win the lottery and then you can be near them all the time. I know how much you treasure those visits and I bet it's hard to go home, for all of you.

Love the Halloween costumes - what a hoot :).

Hugs - karen