Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday baking

This past weekend I got the baking bug and started working on my bread recipes.    It is a good work out for the arms making bread that's for sure.    Years ago I made bread every week, I had a few recipes that we enjoyed.   But  homemade bread is not the best for my diet,  :))  I love it too much  so I let it go by the wayside.   The holidays is a great time to  do some though,   I am working on a wheat dough that is  a bit lighter for some fluffy rolls.        This is a batch of 50 % whole wheat flour and 50 % white flour.      I am thinking I will reduce the wheat flour but first I am going to read through some recipes to see what else I could change before reducing the amount of whole wheat.   



Here it is in my rising bowl we will enjoy eating it over a couple days then try again.


While Joe was hunting with Pepper, Slide, Jake and Casey,  Miss Daisy Mae was my buddy for the weekend.     She wasn’t happy at all about being left behind.


Daisy had surgery for the second time on her accruciate ligament.    The crimp holding the line together didn’t hold both sides.  So the vet did the surgery again for us.   Poor little girl, she will be 10 in April  and will miss hunting this year.    She was enjoying being let out of her crate since she was the only one at home.


And when I told her I would put her on the blog she  perked right up.   She loves attention  and was looking forward to the taste of fresh baked bread.   


I made  up my favorite apple cake recipe a couple weeks ago, its out of A Taste of Oregon cookbook.    


Hood River Fresh Apple Cake

2 cups granulated sugar

1 cup shortening

2 eggs

2 cups flour

2 tsps baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp salt

4 cups chopped cooking apples

1 cup chopped nuts

Cream together sugar,  shortening, and eggs.  Sift the dry ingredients and add to mixture.  Add chopped apples and nuts.  Bake in a greased 9 x 13-inch pan for 45 minutes at 350 degrees F.


1/2 cup packed brown sugar

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup margarine

1/2 cup whipping cream

1/2 tsp vanilla

In a small pan combine sugars, margarine and whipping cream.  Bring mixture to a boil, and then add vanilla.  Pour sauce over individual servings of cake.  It may be warm or cold, but is particularly good warm.   Serves 12 

This is one of my favorite fall recipes.  It goes together  quickly and is delicious!  This sauce has the most amazing flavors. 



I made an apple pie too.    I use premade pie crusts,  I use to make my own but these are really easy and flaky too.

I let them sit out of the refrigerator at least 20 minutes then roll them out a bitter thinner,  I used my leaf shape cutters to make vents and decorated the top of the pie.

I brushed the top crust with egg whites then sprinkled with sugar.  It make a pretty pie!


Today I am making pumpkin pies and rolls and looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving.    Yesterday Joe and I went to the store and bought Turkey and all the goodies you need to make the meal.     It was fun doing the shopping together.

This year we are not going to Seattle,   we are staying in Bend.    So we are cooking a 20 lb Turkey and taking it to a homeless shelter and spending some time there serving food.   We are looking forward to our day,   after all the tough economic times here in Central Oregon its exciting to just get out and share with others.     We know we are going to receive much more than we give.  

We are so blessed to have a home and good health, the love of family, and Central Oregon is a fabulous area  to live.     We have great neighbors we enjoy,   friends that bless our lives and  Joe and I both have been able to enjoy our hobbies  so much this year.    

We are cooking a smaller Turkey for our celebration,  actually we picked out a 12 lb one and it looks much to small…..lol.   I’m sure it will be more than enough!!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your loved ones too,   God Bless!!

Hugs,  Carrie


Quilt Hollow said...

Carrie...need a favor...would you hop on a plane and come help me with some of my baking? I'm hungry now that I've eyed the cake! What brand is a cooking apple? Would that be Granny Smith or is that too tart?
Your pooch is adorable..just look at that sweet face...
Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

You have indeed been busy baking! That cake sounds wonderful! I made 2 of my pies today and will make my apple pie tomorrow.

What a wonderful way to help others less fortunate. Enjoy your own quiet celebration as well!

warm hugs,

Colleen said...

What a sweet doggie! And now I am hungry :o) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Carol said...

YUMMY! I can spell your kitchen! Oh it's the mist wonderful smell! ENJOY! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Look at that sweet dog...that is just the cutest little face.

Judy S. said...

Apple cake is the best! My recipe came from my sis in MN but is simlar to yours. Bread baking in this house had the same fate....much too easy to eat. Must go get started on my baking projects but first, Thanksgiving blessings to your and your family. It's wonderful that you're sharing with others.

Behind My Picket Fence said...

O, poor Daisy. My heart hurts for her. They just don't understand why they feel bad. Wish I could give her a hug.
I have a 50# lap dog who thinks he's a baby. Also a 20# cat. Also an 8# cat. What a zoo!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Libby said...

You inspire me to start baking bread again. I haven't made any since we've moved . . . I miss it *S*

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Really?? Fresh bread every week?? WOWZER!! I'm impressed. I buy frozen dough balls and throw them on a pan to rise. Uncover the towel aftere they rise for 5 hours and VOILLA!! I've got fresh bread. lol I throw a little flour on my face and say look what I made???
The cake looked yummy too. Even though I've eaten all day long.
I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Your Thanksgiving Carrie sounds like a wonderful thing to do, helping those in a tough situation.

On a lighter note - YUMMMMM - that cake looks delish, and that sauce, well lordy it can't go wrong.

Hopefully Ms. Daisy is feeling a bit more perkier cuz I'm sure she wasn't happy about the situation, lol. But I'm sure you made it easier for her to be home with you and not running around with the others. She needs to heal up so she can join the others. How about another slice of bread :).

Hugs - Karen

Carrie P. said...

Hi Carrie,
Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I bet it smelled really good at your house while you were doing all that cooking and baking.
Poor puppy.