Friday, November 13, 2009

Friends are one of life’s treasures.

While I was in Omaha last month I took an outing to meet up with Kindra, who was just by chance participating in a local craft show. Kindra and her mother are a crafting team. So I was so pleased to meet both of them, and see there booth. There booth was full of wonderful handcrafted items and I enjoyed finding a couple special items. It was near the end of the day when I got there so it was slow and we had time to visit, bloggers are just the nicest people and Kindra it was a real treat for me to meet both you and your mom.

I wanted to buy the big star that Kindra made out of reclaimed wood, no way it would fit in my bag so I bought the cute tree that was still there. It will be fun to find the perfect spot for it this Christmas. I love the hand towels Pam makes, they are wonderfully soft and embroidered, I love baskets and she had some done in red and green. My favorite colors. Then there was this wonderful saltbox scene that just pops. Well Kindra, it was one inch to tall but I carried it proudly in my carry-on bag without any problems.


Krista was not able to make the trip, my son was sick that day, so she stayed home with the boys. I missed sharing the trip with her but she loved the towel so I am going to order some for Christmas gifts. I will make it a point to take the trip to see Kindra again on another visit.

I finished this Schnibbles, Winter White, last month. I used the Blessing line by Brannock and Patek from Moda. I am not keeping up with the schedule at all, but that's going to be ok with me I want to enjoy the process and not make a burden out of it.


A few more embroidery stitches on a couple blocks and then I will be ready to sew the blocks together. Karen showed the finished quilt on her blog and it is just so cute with the scalloped wool border. I will be sewing it up soon.


Anne of Cottons and Woolens was so generous and did some shopping for me at quilt market. I gave her some cash and a wish list and bless her soul she got everything on my list.

Maggie Bononami’s new book Nature’s Offering, it is full of wonderful projects big and small. I am definitely putting a few on my 2010 to do list. Primitive Gatherings new pattern along with a bundle of their new brushed wovens. They are fabulous and yummy!! Anne I am going to copy you on your sashing and post’s, they say it is flattery :))!! And a bundle of Jo Morton’s Toast II, and…… three bundles of Andovers Wuthering Heights. Holy Moly this is better than Christmas. I love them Anne!! You were so sweet to take that extra luggage and share the joy with others!

This is a sad time for Anne, know I am keeping you in my prayers. I know you are being surrounded by friends and family who will be a strength for you!! Hugs!!


I went shopping at Country Sampler in Omaha too, I knew Anne was shopping for me at market so I was very good and boring. LOL… its not fun. They have Fig Trees Mill House Inn in flannel, boy that really had my attention but I do not have a little girl to make a quilt for and I just couldn’t justify another bundle to decorate my sewing shelves. They have so many wool kits and goodies there that it is the most fun. I have a couple kits to make up for gifts so I didn’t need to indulge, but its fun to see them made up and not just pictures. What I purchased was there embroidery threads, they carry Weeks and I needed some colors for a couple projects. No one locally carries it so I was tickled to find some. I bought Krista a yummy scented candle. I found some primitive light strands in brown for my mantle that I will use soon. It was fun to browse the store, they have so many wonderful samples it was a treat!

We are having some cold Fall weather with snow in the mountains. Many people will be traveling the passes for the football and basketball games in the valley, my youngest son is going over for basketball so I am nervous for safe driving conditions. The pass is such a beautiful drive, I just don’t like packed snow and ice at all. This doesn’t get better with age, you know what I mean!!!

Tomorrow a local quilt shop, Stitchin Post, in Sisters is having their pajama sale. It’s a big deal with 30% off between 6:30-8:30 am and an extra 5% if you were pajamas. It’s a lot of fun and I am going to meet my girlfriend who lives there and we will see what we can find. You know you can save online tomorrow too, they are giving a 25% discount to online sales. Yeah, I like to share the love with you!! Then we will go out for our favorite coffee shop and have some breakfast too! A girl works up an appetite with all that excitement!!

I am thankful for my friends, blogging has brought many new wonderful people into my life and I count you as my friends. I hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person too. God Bless and have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Carrie


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What wonderful goodies you came home with!! Kindra and her mom are indeed talented!

Have fun tomorrow and I'll pray for safe driving for all that go through the passes!!

Karen said...

The Blessings line of fabric looks oh so good in your Schnibble. I haven't purchased one inch of the fabric but I would love to.

Michelle said...

Some great things you bought. I have found an unfortunate habit which is not good. Time to sell some baskets or scrapbooking stuff on e-bay to fuel my habit! Will hopefully post photos soon. You really need to go into Holly Hill Quilt shop in West Linn. Love it!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Just wanted to tell you that your Schnibbles is beautiful! I love the Blessings fabric!

Carol said...

Carrie your Schnibble is beautiful...
the Blessings line is perfect. What wonderful goodies from Market...Anne is the best personal shopper. Your Flower quilt is incredible! What a great post...have a fantastic time at the quilt shop today...have fun!

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Love your goodies, how nice that you got to meet Kindra and her mom. They are so talented!

Stina said...

Nice shopping!!!! :o)
Tell me what you like about Maggies new book... please..:o) And you finished your winter white.. still havent started that one... pheeww!!!!

Lori said...

Hey Carrie, I was probably one of the crazed women you bumped into trying to get around at the Stitchin' Post!!! Although it dind't seem quite as busy as in past years.

Judy S. said...

Have a fun time in Sisters, you lucky gal!

yellowfarmhouse said...

Isn't it fun to meet bloggers - and it looks like you came away with some wonderful goodies that they created.

Hope you found some good deals while shopping in your jammies. I'm pretty sure I would have to buy new ones for an adventure like that. Anne picked you up some nice goodies while at market and that quilt you made is beautiful. Your getting lots done.

hugs - Karen

Carrie P. said...

Lots of great stuff going on with your.
Your quilt is beautiful!

Heidi said...

Love your quilt tops! The colors in Snibbles are so warm. Did you know I have two new blogs as I see the old one on your list?

Hugs ~