Friday, August 14, 2009

Watch Ya Workin On ~ A Winner

Well in my case it seems to be “What am I not workin on…”  ya know what I mean?

Everything at once, and nothing is getting done.   If I would sew a binding on a quilt then it would be done.    I could say I finished something.   Maybe that will get done this afternoon,   I should make a list, that’s  one tip that works for this girl.   

First I will show you the newest BOM I started, through Farmhouse Woolens.   Vintage Halloween, by Buttermilk Basin.     Karen’s selections for the wools are wonderful.    I received  the 2nd block this week, this is going to make up into such a special holiday quilt.   I won’t want to take it down.

I sewed on this block while we were on the plane and on our delayed layover in Denver.   I am so glad they didn’t cancel our flight,  we waited 7 hours for a new crew!!  Weather  related so no free tickets would have been given.


Then while I was in Omaha, Krista and I snuck a visit to Country Sampler, it was pretty close to where they live so I look forward to visiting them again.    I have to say this is the perfect shop.     They have a wonderful selection of gifts as well as quilting goods.      I could have stuffed my suitcase with lots of stuff.         But I was a good girl……..    I bought 3 kits from Primitive Gatherings.       Krista chose,  Love Ya Man,   it will be her Christmas present.    Three snowman, just like you know who!!!


They had a wool kit to make the Pumpkin Row Pillow out of Autumn Gatherings book.       Perfect kit because I want to put it on the top of a quilt, not make a pillow.  Either way would be awesome.      And Old Saint Nick , an 18” table topper.     They fit nicely in my suitcase and didn’t  add to much weight!!     

Next is my progress on A Tisket, A Taskit  BOM,   I have created myself a dilemma.     I found my antiqued muslin and love the way it looked so I am changing backgrounds.    The printed muslin has really been bothering me,  to white.    So I am  thinking I can dye the backgrounds.   Tea, Coffee or Rit tan dye, this is the question?    I will experiment, but I am not sure how the wool will be effected.     I am wondering if I can sponge it on the fabric instead of immersing the whole block.      I really don’t want the block to shrink up since I have cut them to the finished size. 

Some blocks need there embroidery finished,  and August is looking a little bare isn’t it.    I am auditioning wool for those cute cupcakes!!   Anne had given us the cutest darn gift to make!!!   Each month feels like Christmas on the 5th!!    I get tickled over the comments here, she always gets hers done  so quick!!

Any suggestions on my dying these cute little blocks,  I  would love all you have!!


This is the center of my JLW, Holiday Inn quilt.    Boy I have really slacked off on this project.    I was going to have it ready to appliqué on our trip but it wasn’t happening so I am doing the appliqué in the evening and  sewing some flying geese up during the day.      I am really preferring hand work over my machine.    But this quilt isn’t going to be all hand work, at least if it is going to be finished by Christmas.     I want it on the wall this Christmas.   If I don’t have a goal, well things just go on forever…….


I purchased a new design wall,  not a fancy one but it is a bit wider and  longer.       Now I can see progress on some of my projects and I really love that.    I am a visual person,   if its put away, it doesn’t get worked on.    Without a big enough wall this really makes for a big mess in the sewing room        I would like to have two walls,  maybe I could move that desk out of my sewing room…….lol……just kidding dear!!    So you can see I have two untouched blocks to my Wool Garden BOM.      I love that one,  I know I say that about all of them,  no ….I said  TT was cute so I can use “Love” here.   

And I have the next wool kit for Vintage Halloween, this “charming pumpkin man” is  going to have a friend so he doesn’t stand alone on this scary white cloth.  I wish it was gray, maybe I could dye it too.  Probably not,    I better keep moving if I am going to finish anything.


OK there you have my progress confession!!!               Now…..

Last month I was a winner at Mary’s Cottage Quilts, and I received a pattern to make her Figgy Pudding quilt.     It’s so fun to win!!!       This is a versatile pattern,  she has a picture of a large quilt on her website, this pattern gets even better in a larger quilt.

Thank you Mary for sharing your talent and I hope your vacation is fabulous!!


Oh!   The picture of Figgy Pudding is Mary’s,  I borrowed it to only show the gift!!!   No, its not part of my progress report and I take no credit for the very cute quilt.   :))

Summer blessings to all of you,


p.s.   “Blessings”,  new fabric line by Brannock and Patek,  its wonderful!!


Stina said...

You are up to date with lots of the BOM´s congratulations.. which reminds me.. Im
And congrats on your win!!!!

Kindra said...

Wow, Carrie, you have been busy! :) I love all your handmades! Can't get enough. And congrats on your bloggy win! Yes, it's fun to win! Have a great weekend!

Carol said...

Oh I just love your Pumpkin Guy...what a wonderful BOM! Your Tisket a Tasket is awesome...I really like the darker background too. You have been a very busy girl.

Karen said...

The Halloween block......he is great! I haven't seen that pattern.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh I love the BOM! Karen has the best taste! And you have gotten a lot done. 3 snowmen? Now that will be adorable and special too! Like YOU KNOW WHO(S)!! :-)

millie101 said...

Hi might want to try a product called Instant Antique from Primitive Gatherings. You can buy it on their website. This comes in a spray bottle so that you can just spritz it on your fabric and let it dry. This way you wouldn't have to get the entire piece of fabric wet.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I love getting the update on all of your projects. I think I will be getting into the wool applique soon and I like all that I see. You do great work. The pumpkin man is fabulous!

yellowfarmhouse said...

WOW you've been doing well with all of your BOM's and your design wall is perfect. I'm with you - out of site out of mind - thus the baskets are full in the closet, lol. I think that pumpkin man is just to cute :).

I LOVE that Blessings Fabric btw - I might be jumping into the fabric pile for the website and that's one of the lines I'm considereing - yummm.

Hugs - Karen

Candace said...

Oh my goodness, Carrie! I would say your plate is definitely full - and all wonderful projects! You're like me - if I put it away, it doesn't get worked on! And what a great win you had!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
Love the Vintage Halloween BOM...too cute!! Also love the Wool Gardens BOM that you have done and the A Tisket, A Tisket BOM. I haven't even started mine yet and now they will have to wait until after show season is over.
Congrats on your win!

Behind My Picket Fence said...

You go girl! You ARE getting a lot done even if you don't think so because they are not DONE. Being done is so over-rated, don't you think? Anyway, all of a sudden you'll have all of those done.
I gotta tell you that Mrs. Farmhouse has picked some real winners for BOM's. It's all good.
I started a new wool project just this weekend so hope to have enough done to show soon.
Keep on stitching!

Carrie P. said...

Lots of great applique on your blog. Congrats on your win too. It is always fun to be a winner.

Anonymous said...

I love you handmade's work. It is really appreciable. Keep it up.


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Sinta Renee said...

I wish I was that far ahead on my Tisket a Tasket blocks. I love the little prize you won at Mary's... can't wait to see yours:)