Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jaxon’s New Glasses, a Giveaway

Krista shared a picture this weekend of Jaxon and his new glasses. Our little pumpkin is far-sighted with astigmatism. Just like alot of his family.

Wow, I was so amazed that they could detect this in an eye exam without him reading the chart . I just didn’t know, did you?

Jaxon with glasses

I think he is so cute in his glasses, ;)) he wears his little helmet for a few more days. He will get to pass it along after his doctor appointment at the end of the month. Preemies heads can get flat on the back so they have them wear these little helmets. It has kind of been his signature look for some time. Now it will be the glasses!!

Joe says he looks just like his mom with his new glasses, I thought he reminded me of myself, I got glasses in the first grade, on the way home I remember saying, “ Oh, I can see all the individual leaves on the trees!”

Jaxon loves to watch Sesame Street, lol…….can you believe it. They have a couple episodes taped for the boys to watch. He is the one who really is attracted to the show!!! That is what he was doing when I saw him for the first time last month. I just sat right down and watched it with him, he gave me the cutest smile!!!

Farmhouse Countrystyle is having a Harvest giveaway, give her a visit if you would like to win her little sign.


We had a fun time at clients party yesterday, they have a landscaping business and live on a small farm. They grow some trees and have some greenhouses. But they also have a 9 hole golf course, which goes around their Aspen Orchard. It is a par 18 course and there were 13 foursomes that competed. It was such a fun family time. Lots of kids playing in the water, sandbox and trampoline. And the cutest little puppy!!! I am glad I went, I really wanted to sew all day, but it was good to get out and meet some new people and old friends.

I didn’t get to the local guilds quilt show :(, you just can’t do it all sometimes. So you can go here for some show and tell. Anne went and I am going to go over and enjoy her pictures. Love her new quilt, too!

OK today I am going to sew all day, lol…….we’ll just see, but that's the plan.

Summer blessings,



Karen said...

My oldest grand-daughter started wearing glasses when she was very young but not as young as Jaxon. He is a cutie.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how cute! I love the little picture of your grandsons in your sidebar -- how exciting to be their grandma!!!

Anne said...

oops, the pressure is on to get my pictures up! Yikes! Missed you there. I spent almost 3 hours just chatting away with people I hadn't seen in ages. It was a fun day and the weather was great! Love the glasses on Jaxon. Too cute.

SewCalGal said...

Such a cutie. I've known others in similar situations. While not as common as many think, these situations do happen and are treatable.....and how amazing the difference the treatment, at such a young age can make.

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs. Again, this guy is such a cutie. Poster child. Wrap him in a quilt and send photos. Can't wait to see more.


Stina said...

Good luck sewing!!!! :o))
And good luck to Jaxon!!!

yellowfarmhouse said...

Oh Carrie he is just adorable and those glasses look so cute on him. All 3 of those boys look so happy and content. Love it when you share pics of those cutie pies.

Sounds like you had a great day

hugs - Karen

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

He looks just too cute with those glasses! They sure are growing.
Have a great day!

Candace said...

Little Jaxon is so adorable - and so happy to have glasses - I, too, am amazed at how they can figure out the right strength, Carrie!
Have a fun day sewing!

Shakerwood Primitives said...

What a nice suprise visiting a small farm. You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men......or women and sewing rooms! Hope you had fun

Libby said...

Oh my - you've been up to a lot while I'm still trying to catch up *s* Those little glasses are just as sweet as can be. Love all the pieces you're working on . . . . hoping to pick up a needle and thread today, it's been so long.

happy zombie said...

I'm always amazed when I see little teenie ones in glasses... like how they can figure that out! I had to laugh about seeing the leaves on the tree. A friend of mine when she first got readers, she was telling everyone, "You know those squiggly lines in the phone book? THOSE are people's names!"

Anonymous said...

Your grandson is so cute. I think you have so much fun with him


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