Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Memoirs of Omaha

We had a wonderful time!!!!! Such happy little boys, even with their colds they shared with me!

We really had the best of luck weather-wise, the temperature was in the mid 70’s until our last day. Wow, we don’t have the high humidity that is in the Midwest so we were very pleased.

I will start off this sharing time with the invitation and a bouquet of flowers from a friend. Grown in their garden and so nicely arranged!! The birthday theme is E~I~E~I~O with some fun fun here and some fun fun there!! LOL……IMG_0949

IMG_1065Birthday Banner too!

We started off the party with FOOD, gee what else!! Krista made delicious pulled pork, she had a recipe for a colorful salad I made, Joe bought some fresh corn from a local farm, potato salad. It was so delicious! And colorful….



Jaxon with Grammy Teresa!!


IMG_1028Jaxon not to happy with everyone in his space………it is so fun to learn about the boys personality. Jaxon has a definite personal bubble!!!

Krista kept a monthly calendar on the boys, posting all the details of their development and experiences. This last week she was going to transfer all the info into their baby books. Amazing gal……we were all impressed and really enjoyed reading the calendars.

IMG_0961 IMG_0962 IMG_0963

The birthday cakes were made by a neighbor friend, they were just the cutest.

No shortage of help from aunties, grampa’s, mommies when it came time to eat the cake. It was pretty sweet and they haven’t had cake before!! Very interesting.

IMG_1054IMG_1057 IMG_1055IMG_1059

We had so much fun with the boys, feeding time was so fun. They all eat at once and love it. Our grandson Tylor came with us and had fun taking pictures of the boys. He could make them all belly laugh, he had the best time too.

Joe loved getting to know the boys. They all had a little issue with his moustache, a new experience for them. It was so funny to see them get brave enough to touch it and them wrinkle up their noses. Let alone those kisses!!

We made a trip to a park, it was a bit warm our last day, we are all aglow! They love the swings, went down the slides rode the bouncing frog. Got some group pictures, I just love the picture with all four of our grandsons. We were in heaven.

IMG_1088 IMG_1085

IMG_1092 IMG_1100 IMG_1108 IMG_1114

The guys pushed the strollers home, what memories, we will treasure them in our hearts…….till we meet again!!

Krista and I made it to a wonderful quilt shop, Country Sampler. I got some goodies to make up for Christmas, I will share them in my next post.

I haven’t shared my BOM for some time so my next post should be about that for sure. Yes I actually do some quilty things. I have a new wool BOM that I sewed on the plane trip. I love it!!




Quilt Hollow said...

Oh Carrie what a wonderful time you had (scratch the cold part). The cakes were just adorable too! Welcome back home...you've been missed and I'm looking forward to seeing your quilty things too!

Carrie ~ said...

When I look at my first live writer post the pictures are cut off on the right side. Does it appear that way to everyone. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
I'm terrible at learning new things!!

Carol said...

Oh Carrie I can tell that you had an incredibly wonderful time. The boys are just precious and getting so big. Love the cakes...it's so fun to watch them eat cake for the first time. Oh grandbabies are the BEST!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Awwww - what a fun birthday! The boys are so cute!! What a cute theme too! Great idea!!

I suggest making the pictures single file and then the right side won't get cut off.

OR if you want more than one on a line, you can decrease the size. When in live writer, click on the picture you want to change. Then on the right, click on advnaced and change the width size there. Click on lock ratio first. It's simple!

hugs, Linda

Judy S. said...

Welcome home, Carrie. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. Your little guys are such cuties!

Kim said...

I thought the pictures were intended to be just as they are. :) The boys sure did grow big and strong. They are all three doing so well and look happy. Glad you had another visit, but sorry you came home with the runny nose business. Feel better soon.

Stina said...

Glad to hear of your adventures with the boys.. and the precious moments!! Welcome back...and I can t wait to see your what you have worked on.. :o) See you!

yellowfarmhouse said...

Oh my Carrie - those boys are absolutely precious and sweet. It looks like EVERYONE had a wonderful time while you were together. They all look so happy and full of fun. Those cakes are just to dang cute and watching them eat - fun fun fun.

Hugs - Karen

Carrie P. said...

What a great time you all were having. The boys are so cute and so is Tylor. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.