Sunday, July 5, 2009

Visit to Sahalie Falls, Some new Wool Just In Time!

Tylor was here to visit for a week, we enjoy our grandson so much! He is such a fun loving guy and so much at home when he is with us.
He worked in the yard and garden with me a couple of days and we got so much done. Team work really makes yard work so much easier and more fun. He loaded the wheelbarrow with bark and dumped weeds in the field for me. Besides the sunburn and sore muscles it was a very fun time!!
Tuesday we met my DD up on the pass at Sahalie Falls. It is such a beautiful area, I love going there all throughout the year. It is almost half way to Eugene and a place we meet often to spend time together. Actually there are two falls there with a trail along side the river. When the temperatures are 90 degrees and hotter it is a cool refreshment too.
This month Joe and I will celebrate our 27th anniversary. I think I am getting taller than he is, lol.... he had knee surgery on Wednesday maybe he will be able to stand back up after it heals. He really was in pain, the meniscus tear is pretty painful, and it was hard keeping up with all the wirehairs during hunting season. We are looking forward to some trail hikes this summer now that he is all fixed up.
Joe is much to comfortable out on these rocks, it above the falls and it made me nervous just taking the pictures. My looking at this picture really shows how grown up Tylor is. I was blessed with getting to care for Tylor while his mother worked until he started kindergarten. One reason our home is like a second home to him, he spent most of his early years with us.
We moved to Bend when he was 5, it was so hard to do. I think I have said that before but 120 miles away was to far for this gramma. Looking forward to Ty coming back later this week.
I have been sewing on my table runner from a class with Maggie Bonanomi. Maggie is my favorite prim wool teacher. Her classes are more than a lesson in technique, she shares her love of prim and primitive fabrics. In every class I have taken with her she always shares some of her antique fabrics in the kits. They are one of a kind for sure. Maggie is easy going and charming and I love being in her class making one of her projects.

When we went to Seattle in June we stopped by Carriage Country Quilts for me to shop for wool.
I picked up a few pieces for the Bunnyhill BOM. The July block was posted today and it is so thoughtfully designed. Each month I say this is my favorite, I'm sure next month I will feel the same way.

I wanted some reds and greens too so I went online to the Buggy Barn and ordered some bundles. They are just wide enough to use for a basket. A lqs had a good selection so I purchased some plaids from there too. Our local shops are getting ready for the upcoming Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, I found some nice yardage at BJ's.
Tuesday my girlfriends, The Twisted Sisters, are coming and staying at a home in Bend. I am looking forward to some fun girl time and sewing together. I am pretty lucky to live in a quilt rich area, especially this week.
I am picking my reds for my Bunnyhill BOM so I think some of my new wools will get used pretty quickly.
The little Schnibbles pattern was so cute I thought it would be perfect for a charm pack.
OK back to sewing, I have some items that need finishing up so I can share them with the girls next week. Show n Tell with quilt friends really is the best.

Liberty Blessings,



Karen said...

The wools are gorgeous.
Your table runner project looks like something I would like. Thanks for the info on Maggie's teaching abilities. I don't know if or when I will ever get the opportunity for a class with her, but I would love to.

Quilt Hollow said...

Hi Carrie...congrats to you and hubby for 27 years together. I keep thinking the same every time I see the new Bunny Hill BOM...can it get any better and it always does. Your wool is so pretty...look forward to seeing your blocks.

Lindsey said...

Very nice post - I loved hearing a little bit about your grandson, husband and prim teacher and fabrics...27, I'm 9 years behind you...what's your secret?

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

All that wool is so pretty...and the table runner is too!

Stina said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your Joe!!!:o)
Glad you got some time spent with your Grandson.. must have been so lovelt!!!
I just bought a book by Maggi.. and I love it... gosh .. now Im getting envy of you getting to go to her classes.. !!! :o)) And wow... love the wool purchases... ahhh. wish I could just go in a shop and buy it.. and see it in real life too...feel it...:o) But someday someday .. I will!!! :o)

Kaaren said...

Happy anniversary, Carrie.

I'm just drooling over your wool purchases. Simply grand! I love the simplicity of your table runner.

The scenery of the falls is absolutely gorgeous. Now that is a piece of Heaven on earth for sure.

Kathie said...

enjoy your time with your friends sewing!
and the quilt show???
LOVE the wool you bought, I really need to start collecting wool
I love the look of your table runner.
happy anny :)

Caths Pennies Designs said...

Oh I never tire of looking at beautiful hand-dyed wools!
Nice to meet you, Carrie. I look forward to reading your blog.

Libby said...

Congrats on your upcoming anniversary - it's so wonderful to find folks celebrating their long marriages *s*

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
Beautiful pictures of the falls!! And I love the table runner!!
Happy Anniversary!!

Cathi said...

Love, love, love the table runner. Maggie is one of my favorite designers. I hope to take a class from her one day but I will probably have to travel halfway across the country to do so. Those wools look yummy, too.

Congrats on your anniversary. We just celebrated 30. It's a great feeling, isn't it?!

Carrie P. said...

Happy Anniversary!
Love the photos at the falls. It is a beautiful place.
And what gorgeous wools!

Kindra said...

Well happy 27th anniversary! What's your secret? :) The atmosphere looks gorgeous in your pictures! I'm sure that is EVERYWHERE in your area, isn't it?

I'm in love with your americana table runner! Very nice!

Candace said...

Oh I love Sahalie falls, Carrie! What a fun day you had! I hope your hubby heals up quickly!
Lucky you getting a trip to Carriage Country Quilts!! I only see their booth at the shows! One of these days I have to get there!

Faye said...

You are taking a class from Maggie B.? Oh, how wonderful. And those wools - I can almost touch them. You have a great site - love your work.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Happy Anniversary!!

And those falls - just gorgeous!! Anf of course the wool is yummy too.

Enjoy the time with Ty when he comes back and time with the Twisted Sisters too!
hugs, Linda

Judy S. said...

Great getting caught up with what you've been up to this past month, Carrie! I love Country Village, too, so maybe next time you're up this way, we could meet there? Sorry we missed you because of our Chicago trip....