Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh My, I Am Way Behind!!

Have you seen all about the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show well I am way behind in my blogging and I am sorry this is a long picture post.
I know this will be full of pictures so maybe that is a good thing since I blabber and segway(sp) most of the time anyway.
Here we go again, Linda and Suzie with my mom. Mom drove over to Sister's saturday morning and met us at our favorite coffee shop. Sister's Coffee, great way to start off. It has been 23 years since mom came to the quilt show with me. It made the day very special for me!! :))
We actually went inside The Stitchin Post this year and got our quilt show charm's and looked around at a beautiful store, which usually is so packed you can not even move. It was quite full when we did leave.

This cat quilt was mom's favorite inside The Stitchin Post, looks like her little Ebony kittie.
In front of the quilt shop were these cars with "car quilts" on them. Very cool, but my picture is not very good.
You can go here for a better picture of these cars. Besides quilts the flowers are always in full bloom during quilt show and I love Jean's garden just outside her shop.
Behind the shop were some very special and so beautiful quilts. Made by Joanne Meyers, a hand quilter, and I think a couple were Barbara Copelands. Joanne is a mentor of all of us Central Oregon quilters, I met her 23 years ago when she was the featured quilter. She had some small quilts for sale and I bought myself a treasure. A little nine-patch amish style quilt! Love it!

Here we are posing in front of the Auction quilt, we didn't have the lucky ticket this year, we will try again next year. Every year East of the Cascade Quilters make a quilt to raise money for the show expenses. It is always a fabulous quilt.
Just around the corner hung this beautiful Feathered Star, and where you find precision piecing, artful quilting you will find Barbara Copeland.
We had a very fun visit with Barbara, we all have known Barbara for more years than we want to say, but I will tell you from the time she started quilting she made show winners. Our local shop in Eugene, where we worked at the time had a competition and she made the winning quilt.
All the quilts she displayed were Ribbon quilts from National Shows. Barbara was the featured machine quilter, made on her Bernina.
Barbara uses wool batting now for her effective trapunto look. She used to do the traditional method but is very pleased with wool. It is wonderful for hand quilting too, and I love the all season feel of the batt. I use it now to, just wish my quilts look like Barbara's...... I told her that once and she said I could quilt like her too.......I just love her......she is full of encouragement.

Isn't this the most beautiful quilting.......

This darker quilt was so stunning, I love it. Darn shadows...sorry!
When we walked on from visiting and viewing Barbara's quilts I just had the warm fuzzy's and we all let out a heavy sigh!! But there was so much more to see!
This blue wedding ring is the pattern I am making with Krista's mother for their( the triplets Parents) wedding quilt. Another long story which has nothing to do with this show except for the pattern is the same. And well its way overdue and its not completely our fault its so late.
Story for another day....
This quilt was made by Lawry Thorn, darn no picture of Lawry. She was the featured Inspirational Teacher for the show, and the very talented fun gal who I take my Mystery classes from. This quilt is the quilt she made last fall when I made my log cabin quilt. Only her's is done, in the show and FOR SALE. her fabrics so much. Fun setting Lawry, thanks for all your inspiration.
This next quilt was in the teacher presentation, the teachers during the week have a wonderful show, I will show more next time but I loved this one. Is the "G" for Grandma or Gardening, or mabe Grand for how beautiful all aspects of it are for sure.
I say grand for this wonderful quilting......Janet Fogg was the maker. This quilt goes along the grammy theme, for all you grammy's out there, there are a few of us lucky ones isn't there. And many new ones recently, and I thought of you!
The color gray! I remembered a wonderful gal, Gwen Hurlburt when I saw this quilt. She is a very wonderful quilter and used gray alot. She had a quilt show many years ago and most of her quilts had gray, after that I went out and purchased a rubbermaid full.......still have most of Suzie reminded me of a Bear story Gwen told. Gwen made bears, fabulous bears make out of mohair and other yummy fibers. Well she liked them to look old and antiqued, so after finishing one particular bear she tied it to a rope, which was tied to her bike and she went for a bike ride. Well the bear was just perfectly antiqued when she finished her ride........She is a real hoot!
This quilt was my favorite quilt of the show, its hard to have one and sorry again for the shadow, most of my quilts this year have the dang shadows.....I digress but I love this one. The applique is so beautiful, the quilting is just perfect and the overall color pleases me so much! Again you can go here for a better picture!
Twisted Sisters Marion and Sally, hi girls it was fun seeing you this week.
Thursday before the quilt show I met up with the Twisted Sisters to do some shopping in Bend and grocery shop for it was our night to cook. Cocktails first..... Linda, Suzie and I getting ready to serve up dinner and cocktails Paula Deen style.
We made some recipes out of Paula Deen's magazine, they were delicious! Cornmeal was the theme I guess with Cornmeal Parmesan Chicken and a layered Cornmeal Chile Meat dish with Green Salad and Margaritas. It was good but really when you are with your friends and quilting buddy's everything tastes good.
CHEERS! Suzie, Linda, Christine, Marion and Michelle!!

The house we rented was in Bend this year on nice Butte with gorgeous views. Large dining room for sharing meals. This is a must for our sit down dinners together.
Four of the group went to the Gee's Bend event held in Sisters that evening, they came home and shared with the rest of us, unfortunately the sound system was very poor but the overall story got through.
There was a home theater in the house this year, with six big recliners. So Cool! I watched "The Secret Life of Bee's " in the theater room, missed the showing of Mama Mia though, so regrettable. Girls I can just see you all singing along!
If you are still with me I am amazed, I am almost asleep
I have more quilts to share, but tomorrow is my Anniversary and my dear sweet husband is taking me somewhere special.
I had an invitation on my desk when I got home Tuesday, "inviting me to spend an evening with your husband and boyfriend Joe. You will be treated to a place with breath taking scenery, gorgeous sunsets and beautiful sunrises. Dinner for two will be served at 7pm Friday evening July 17. Attire is informal. Please RSVP at your convenience."
He made this invitation himself, I was so touched by it, unfortunately he got a call to go work 3 hours away the next morning so he had to leave at 2:30 am that morning and got home yesterday afternoon.
So I may get another quilt show post off in the morning and then I will share the pictures of the special place we are going.
Primitive Blessing to you,


Karen said...

Wow! Some beautiful quilts. And the machine quilting close-ups! Some talented people did that. My machine quilting will never be prize worthy. How fortunate that you got to see the show. I have wanted to for years but live clear across the country.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I would love to go to that quilt show!! Sure wish it wasn't clear on the other side of the US. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. Looks like you all had a great time.

Quilt Hollow said...

Blogland is just full of wonderful pics of Sisters for all us less fortunates. LOL Oh...just looks like so much fun was had with with envy my friend...I'm green with envy.

Kaaren said...

All I can think of to say is, 'Wow'! So many beautiful quilts and just as many talented quilters out there.

Thanks for sharing Carrie.

Caths Pennies Designs said...

Wow, so much talent in those pictures. Each one is more beautiful than the last. I wouldn't even be able to pick out a favorite.

Carol said...

What an absolutely wonderful post! Thank you for taking us all along with you to the Quilt Show. WOW! that house sounds wonderful!

Libby said...

What a fabulous show and tell from Sisters. Thank you for bringing us so many details . . . . it's almost (almost *s*) like being there.

Lori said...

Even though I was at the quilt show I loved revisting it through your blog! Looks like you ahd a great time with friends too.

I think you hubby's a keeper!! Happy Anniversary.

Anne said...

Good show this year, huh? I thought there were a lot more applique quilts than in past years. Where was the house you stayed?

Judy S. said...

Nice photos, Carrie. Thanks for sharing! My daughter's inlaws were there, but they've not sent pictures yet. Love the one you're making.....

Candace said...

Thanks for the great tour, Carrie! Next year I'm going to make it down there for sure!
P.S. Happy Anniversary!

Carrie P. said...

Oh man! what a great time. The auction quilt was something else. I be they sold lots of tickets on that one.