Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gardening on the Edge, Daisy Mae

The Tulips started blooming and are so pretty.....I needed to do some shopping at Costco last Friday and was a bit side-tracked with the rows of flower baskets and trays of petunias. Soooo.. having no self control I picked up a basket and some trays. Daring to garden on the edge, a risk to be to early, daring the frost to take them away..... but so worth having the color in the flower beds.

I planted some vegetables and herb seeds in the garden. This weekend I think the flowers will go in the ground.

The Petunia's and Viola's will give some color, I need to buy the ground covers and some plants for pots too. But it is so fun to get the first blooming flowers.
Winter just is hanging around to long.

We had a busy weekend with our club Hunt Test and I just want to share one picture of Joe and Daisy. Daisy Mae passed her final test to achieve her Master Hunter title. She is now Joe's Lil Daisy Mae MH. I know..... so impressive!!! She is nine years old and Joe decided when she was 5 1/2 to go for the title. You can teach dog's new tricks, it just takes awhile, and you have fun along the way.

Have a great weekend, we are expecting a wonderful warm weekend. I am sure the garden will get some more planting. Saturday we will enjoy watching a local event Pole, Pedal, Paddle.
Even with a slow economy the entries this year are larger than the past year. It is a competitive event which individuals and teams ski, bike, run and paddle a boat to the finish line. I will show some pictures on Monday. Tylor and Matney will be visiting and Ty is bringing his very cool camera and we will get some good shots in all the sunny weather!!

Spring Blessings,



Quilt Hollow said...

Daisy is a cutie...and I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Reminds me of a conversation between myself and a friend with regards to marriage. She said she'd never do again...she finally had her old dog trained and didn't want a pup again!

Anne said...

You are a brave soul to plant before Memorial Day! LOL. Wish we could have tulips...the deer like them too much! Cute pic of Daisy!

Stina said...

Ahhh... so much fun.. new flowers... isnt this so much fun!!! :o) Still some weeks left here before even thinking of

Kaaren said...

I too bought some annuals and a hanging basket but they stay in my outbuilding overnight and I bring them out during the day. It is still very cool at night and I'm afraid to plant them just yet. I'm always in such a hurry in the Spring to get things looking pretty but I really think I rushed things this year.

Daisy is a beauty to be sure!

Judy S. said...

You must still have a bit of snow nearby for the ski part? We do, too, up at the pass. Cute dog you have, Carrie! I've not planted much yet; it's so wet out there! I love the instant color from annuals though.....

Candace said...

I'm like you, Carrie, can't resist those baskets and seeds even if it is a little early! Congratulations to Daisy Mae - I think we would want to take her fly fishing with us!!

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I am the same way when I see flowers. I restrained myself and bought only 1/3 of what I did last year though. Just enough for some pops of color in addition to the perennials.

Speaking of flowers, daisies are my all time favorite! and your daisy is a cuite!

Have a lot of fun this weekend. Sounds intriguing!

hugs, Linda