Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catching bugs and catching up!

Oh, I am a very bad blogger.....I can not get words together. After a long fortnight of a very nasty bug. Sore throat, cough, more sore throat I am feeling so human, sounding human too. But thats no excuse, my mind will not stay focused enough to get anything done. I am behind so I am going in circles.

Last weekend my daughter and oldest grandson came to visit for my birthday. It was so nice to have them. Tylor is a bundle of energy and just the nicest young man. He entertained me with antics in the yard. Oh to be 14 again, or just energetic...
This one better... and one arm.....I would break my neck I think.
Ty and Casey playing some frisbee....
Oh dear Pepper wants to get in the fun and this went on a while. Pepper is an athlete and no one caught her until she was ready.Flowers are starting to bloom and my lilac will be pretty for a short while, it has a blight of some sort that ruins the bloom. Next spring I have to do some spraying for it. But for now it is heavenly in the evening and early morning.

I planted radishes and they are sprouting, the cool mornings haven't damaged them yet.

A pink tulip in the garden, the moles get my tulips in this area so I am glad to see a small clump made it after last summer.

My sister sent me a gift, sisters are the best. And I agree with her on this, she is my best friend.
She is always sending me some wonderful yarn, and a couple years ago she bought me this plate.
I love antique dishes. And some very delicous chocolates, with caramel inside. Yum!!
The yarn is silk and merino, so soft. I believe a scarf with cable would be perfect, but we'll see.
Yellow petunia basket from Matney and Tylor. I just love yellow and these are so pretty.
Tylor took pictures of some other creatures living at our place. Joe and friends made a new flight pen recently for these Chukar. They are in the partridge family. The enjoy there rock pile.
And Pilgrim is our TWH we use for field trialing. He is pretty sweet, but right now he isn't very happy about being taken off the green grass. Darn!! Yucky old hay when the fields are so rich and lush. Mean old people anyway!!
I went to Sisters to a little handmade merchant mall... looking for something good for my porch swap.
I have enough benches around the place but they sure had some fun ones out front.
Cute birdhouses, can't have to many of those....
Crazy yard art too...
Then one afternoon this guy came into my backyard....
This is my DH Joe, bringing me some good soil for this abused flower bed. Between the mole, the dogs digging for the mole and putting in a new irrigation pipe it is ruined. New rich soil to get ready for a new tree and shrubs.
This is our business, delivering topsoil, sand, mulch and rock products for construction, landscapers, homeowners etc. It really is a big guys toy. Joe just loves this business. I mean its just a remote control 70,000 lb toy. And it makes your job easier, he places the material most the time right where you want it, or over the fence anyway. Makes people very happy!!
And he loves meeting people and making them happy.
Now I know most people can't have the darn truck drive through their back yard and it surprised me too... I love living out of town and having space around me.
Next time you see this flower bed it is going to be looking so much better!! Right dogs!!

While Matney and Ty were here we went to the Pole, Peddal, Paddle event. The finish is in the Old Mill District, it was a beautiful day and outdoors so I could go and keep my cough to myself...
The last event is paddleing your canoe, kayak whatever then running to the finish line a short distance away from the river.
Don't you just love this guy paddling this big board...
Both sides of the river were lined with people, restaurants enjoyed business side with many people dining on the patios watching the event.
Our friend came by and shared his strawberry from crashing his bike....ouchee Gary!!
Yes, even the pets came.... this little pot belly pig didn't hold still for a picture....hey if a pig can go I surely can go with my cough..... And sitting back and people watching was very fun, we were not disappointed......... I wish my legs looked like hers....but then I would have to run 40 miles and bike 100 miles a week probably and thats not likely going to happen any time soon.This group was very fun and mixed sexes let me tell you this much....
those arms on the right are not a me....Ty wasn't brave enough to get a face shot...LOL....
Yeah it was so fun getting out and dreaming about next year.....Oh yeah DH we are really gonna do this next year....LOL .....
I have been catching up on my BOM and finishing a couple swaps so next post I will give some pictures of quilty things. I even went shopping and spent my birthday money at The Stitchin Post, who has everything 25% off for their birthday sale. Online if you want to browse them just click on the link.
I have so enjoyed the many blogs sharing about quilt market last weekend. Oh so funny!!!!
And Anne celebrated her birthday and it wasn't!! The ladies really know how to celebrate their short time together. If you haven't read through the saga from market this year do.....I so enjoyed it so much, I even shared it with Joe and the kids while they were here.
Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We are so blessed to be able to live in a country with so much freedom. God Bless!


Quilt Hollow said...

Wow...nice long post with all kinds of details and info. First and foremost...happy belated birthday! Also...I can't believe that you had to be sick nearly two weeks!! I'm sure very other health going ok?
I too have enjoyed the saga and fun stuff on line with regards to the market. Doesn't sound like a wonderful bunch of friends?

Candace said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, Carrie - not a good time of the year to be sick when so many wonderful things are happening outside! I just love the Sisters area and everything around it - lucky you! I think we may have to take a drive down this summer if our house is still for sale! A little fishing in the Metoliuos is always good for the soul!