Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reminiscing while it is storming!

The weather has taken a turn. It is blowing and very rainy...... So I made french toast with scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast. Watched a couple early episodes of MASH. It is such a strange weather day and I can not stay focused. I went up to my attic and found a good distraction. I think I made this in about 1990, do you remember the fabric covered box days. They came in many shapes, I made them for the quilt shop I worked at, The Quilt Patch, in Eugene, Oregon. I made them until I was sick of them. Then this pattern came in and I had to make one. This six sided box has pockets made from 4inch blocks, and pin saver and pin cushion.
Doily decoration on top with buttons, sad, my attempt at embellishing is blushing....
I found some interesting things in those pockets........ Did you ever use curly roving from All Cooped Up, you unbraid it and it makes a wonderful santa beard, or hair. There were some little thimble buttons and an antique singer sewing machine ornament. I have no idea what I was going to use them for, I wonder if they were for this box or just for someday?

This zipper pouch is so old it is dry and brittle. Inside I found my very original Bi-Mart a piece of beeswax for my handquilting. A needle case I made, a bonnet with homespun bill. The hat holds a thimble and thread, very cute. But see the little tag... A closer look, That little tag was the label for a quilters dream craft show. College Hill Quiltworks. Judy transformed her charming home four times a year, into vintage quilt shopping extravaganza. Antique quilts, pillows, pictures, animals, ornaments all made from quilts. Floral arrangements, sprays and wreaths. Stitcheries.... well I have never been to another event as wonderful as Judy's. I do have a few wonderful items that I protect dearly from my GWP's, they can destuff anything faster than you can blink, my ceilings and furniture are not high enough for them to be safe.
And inside, man oh man....... little sample bags of fiberfill, from where tho...... lots of roving, cording leftover from the box making days. I remember a local gal coming in and selling wool in bags. More perfect beards or just for collecting in a box like this. A bag of triangles, hmm... what were they for.

Peeking inside the box I see rulers, very cute heart mini quilt hangers, and a creel? OK!

And a whole array of small quilting stencils, OK....I knew I had these somewhere..... I love buying stencils and knew there were some somewhere..... Oh I really liked the sunflower stencil, I bought it twice....Gee like that never happened before.....

AHA........Now I new I was not going crazy..... I have been looking for the small rotary cutter that I knew I had purchased. It was along time ago and I just knew I remembered buying one.....see there proof.... But where the it!

Oh thank you if you are still here for goodness sakes....... I am going to try to go be productive and put all this stuff away.... I think I will leave it in the box because if I don't I will never find it again. I am going to be thinking of a way to store my stencils so I will have them all in one space. I love looking through them as much as old magazines...
Wishing all of you a happy stormy Sunday!


Carrie P. said...

What a fun way to spend a rainy cold day. All that in that box. Amazing. I have a closet in my sewing room and I have a couple nails on the wall that I hang my stencils on. That way they don't get bent and I know where they are at.

Candace said...

Wow - what a treasure trove of goodies, Carrie! I just love finding things like that I put away eons ago! Did a lot of that cleaning out the house getting ready to sell it! What fun!

Cathi said...

I did the same thing recently with a covered sewing box that DD#2 bought for me years ago. It was stashed in the bottom of a pile of stuff. Mine wasn't nearly as big but had some treasures never the less. Sounds like a great way to spend a rainy, yucky day!

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

My mom covered an old milk crate with that exact same fabric to use as a footstool in her sitting room. I like all the pockets you added to your box.

I spend too much time orgainzing and moving things so I never find anything hidden away. That would be find to find a stash like that though!!

You must be so excited about the visit this summer. I bet you have plans in your mind already for that triple birthday celebration. Oh how much fun that will be. You have alot to look forward to!