Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!

Tomorrow Chris will celebrate his 36th birthday. WOW!! It is amazing to run the mental play back of 36 years of events in your oldest childs life, and then to look to the future.
Busy days and years ahead is what I see, having triplet boys. So much fun. Chris called us yesterday and we had a short webcam moment. The boys were sitting up playing with their toys. Hayden, pictured with Chris above, is the oldest and he needs a little interaction to keep him happy. Ethan, cute as a bug in his green leg casts, sitting up and cool as a cucumber. Jaxon, he is a little shy. But man o man when he is in his comfort zone, lets out his voice and plays with his toys. Our connection kept freezing so we will try another session this weekend.
It was so fun to see how they are growing.
My oldest grandson, Ty, is visiting for spring break so he got to see the boys too.

So Happy Birthday Chris, have a wonderful day! We wish we were there!

We are having a couple nice bluebird days here in Central Oregon. Ty and Uncle Sean are off to Hoodoo ski resort for some skiing. Should be an awesome day with the clear weather.

I have been reading Psalms 91 and 92 daily. It has been so uplifting with the pressure of this slow economy. Like everyone we have been challenged to cut back and prioritize finances even beyond what we expected. I know everything we are experiencing now will make us wiser in the future.

Today I am going to try out a new gadget I purchased. It is a Clover Fabric Folding Pen. I will put liquid starch in it, not its original intended use, to do my freezer paper applique prep. This idea came from Joanna Figueroa, in my Fresh Figs newsletter. I will let you know what I think. I purchased mine at Joanne's Fabric with a 50% coupon. It was $12.95 so yeah that was nice.

We are looking forward to a fun weekend with Ty visiting. Joe and Ty go next door to the B&B and challenge the innkeeper to Frisbee Golf. They have a great course and the competition is tense.

Happy Birthday Chris, Have a wonderful day Saturday!.




Stina said...

Say Happy Birthday to your son!!!
And please let us all know about the new little pen...
Have a lovely weekend! :o)

Judy S. said...

A very Happy Birthday to your son, Carrie. Those years that are now memories sure went by quickly, didn't they? Have a nice weekend.

Sherri said...

I'm glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find yours! How do you like the Fresh Figs newsletter...I've been thinking about subscribing since I love her fabrics and patterns so much! How does the pen work?

Terry said...

Hi Carrie! It's been a while since I've been by, and have been catching up on the triplets.
They just get cuter every day! What a blessing they are!
Ethan is in my prayers and also Hayden and Jaxson too.
My twins will be 37 this June, and I still can't believe that much time has passed.
Happy Belated Birthday to Chris!


Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Carrie,
I found your blog through Colleen's and just want to say your little triple grandson's are as cute as they can be. Little Ethan just pulls at your heart. Happy Birthday to your son.
Keep Stitchen'

Carrie P. said...

Happy Birthday to Chris. He is going to be very busy for a few years.
Let us know how the pen works.