Friday, March 13, 2009

Keeping Busy waiting for Spring

Last weekend I spent time at the Sportsman Show. Our dog club has a booth where we promote our club and pointing breeds. It is always fun, my girlfriend Sandy, and I have volunteered together covering Thursday and Friday afternoons.

This year I took our youngest GWP, Casey, with me. Mark, a wonderful companion of Sandy's, was there also. Casey is 10 months old and socializing young dogs with strange dogs is very important.

Casey is a little character, kind of a little teenager that thinks the world is all about him!

Slide Girl came to the show with DH in the evening. We spend a lot of time with our dogs, they have become a big part of our lives. We have met many people through our activities with our dogs, the field trial season starts in April. I will share some highlights of events we attend. I don't know what the economy will hold for these events this year but we are hopeful for everyone involved.

I received a call from my son in Omaha this week. The Proulx family is coming out in July for a visit. I think they are going to drive with the boys. A flight with three boys and all the gear just isn't appealing to them. Any way you travel with triplet babies is going to be an adventure. I just know I am so looking forward to there visit. There birthday is late July but I think a birthday celebration will be one big event while they visit.
They took family pictures this winter, they look great! What a challenge to get everyone just so, and as long as mom and dad are good, I think everything is perfect!
Some fun quilting stuff came in the mail this week. A new pattern from Fig Tree Quilts, Joanna says the zipper is easy. It has been a very long time since I put a zipper in, I don't even want to count the years. Little Purseletes, don't you think they will make cute little gifts. I want to make them for the girls.

Fresh Vintage, this publication is full of ideas and Fig Trees newest fabric line, Patisseries. There is a tip on a new notion that I was tickled to try myself. It is the Clover Fabric Folding Pen. It is a refillable pen that Joanna filled up with liquid starch for all the applique projects.
You can draw the starch onto the seam allowance instead of painting it on. Thanks Joanna for this new gadget tip!! Along with the pattern featured on the cover is a laptop bag. Joanna's fabrics really appeal to my softer palette side. Mostly my fabrics and home decorating are primitive, Fig Tree's Vintage look satisfies too.
I participated in a fat quarter swap, I received two beautiful bright spring FQ pieces from Carla, I just love them. Thanks Carla, I will use them in a project and post it.

I made a lot of these hour glass blocks up for my JLW class. Class is next week so I am ready to go.

Block 5 from Wool Garden came in this week, I have the block prepped and ready to stitch up. This pictures is pathetic, no color and so wrinkled. It is much prettier than this picture looks.
We are having some fairer weather this week, my son is coming over to help with a pathway in my garden. Moles were very destructive to it and my plants last fall so we are under construction. Its the only construction project in Central Oregon that I know of actually. LOL...well lets not talk economy! LOl.......
Have a great weekend and a terrific Friday the 13th!!!
Next week is St. Patricks day, I need to go find me some Shamrocks!!!
God Bless each of you!


Libby said...

Love the family photo . . . . the boys will get lots of giggles over it in the years to come *s*

Kaaren said...

Hi Carrie,

I know just what you mean about Joanna's fabrics. I'm a Civil War and wool gal but when it comes to vintage, she has me hooked!

Love your new header too!

Have fun at the show. My younger brother had a German Short-Haired Pointer and he was a great dog.

Brenda said...

Your garden is looking beautiful. You are just moving right along with that one and you should be proud to be keeping up. I look forward to seeing your next block!