Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Celebrating is good for the soul....

Celebrating is good for the soul....this is my reflection on my May birthday trip!  I turned 59 ...... (sigh)  next year is another milestone,  my thoughts have been on what is most important and what values and goals I would like to achieve.   It has been a very enlightening and meaningful experience.   Life can pull us along like a strong current but a choosen path with a purpose brings peace and direction!

My birthday trip turned into a tri-fecta event::   First up was to scoot over to Eugene and pick up my mother have a delicious dinner and head up to Seattle the next morning.   We talked about all the places we could stop along the way,  girls talking about choices, well maybe this should have been done the night before.  We finally decided to stop in Des Moines, WA,  at Carriage Country Quilts!!!   Yes that is basically in Seattle!!
We always love this Quilt Shop,  I muse the Jo fabrics looking for old and new alike for my stash!!  We found some fun items but alas no pictures!!

The next morning we drove to Leavenworth, WA for a much anticipated class with Gail Pan offered by Lynn Reppas, proprietor of  Leavenworth Quilt Company.   This is a delightful store.  We enjoyed the selections of fabrics, wool, kits and a very friendly staff!  

Our class with Gail Pan  was so much fun, it started with an evening event where Gail shared many of her wonderful embroidered and quilted projects.  She is a delight to listen too and such a fun sense of humor!  Her story and journey into an international quilt designer, author and teacher was entertaining and left you admiring a special lady who loves sharing her "darling" embroidery style!    If you have an opportunity to attend a class with Gail do and enjoy!

We started off embroidering a journal,  Gail had the pattern printed on our fabric so we could just get into the fun stuff....
All printed and ready to go, she brought lollies.....yum!!  Gail loves sharing her love for embroidery,  so helpful with tips....

Thanks Gail we loved our time with you!!  You can fin Gail's designs  here!

The city of Leavenworth is set close to the mountains and celebrates Bavarian culture,  we enjoyed there May celebrations and wonderful shops and restaurants.  It is a very friendly and charming town, which was so appreciated!  We will visit again!

We drove back to Seattle Sunday for Mother's Day!  We enjoyed a special dinner with my sisters family with mom!  It was a special day.
Monday was spent in Seattle touring the Pacific Science Center, Pompeii Exhibit.  The exhibit was fascinating!!  
Then a lighthearted tour of  Theo Chocolate factory!    Yummy samples and hot!!!  I would find it a huge challenge working in the heat inside the factory!!  But I enjoyed the one hour tour,  and was impressed to see their efforts to be non-GMO and eco-friendly!!    Seattle has so much to offer and it was enjoyable seeing new places this visit!  Thanks Christie for a very fun celebration.

I will share my Oregon Coast retreats next......and some cute toes!

Heartfelt Blessings,



Me and My Stitches said...

Happy birthday to you - it sounds like you celebrated in a perfect way! I met Gail at Market, and instantly liked her - she's so nice, and amazingly talented.

Lori said...

What a fun trip to spend with your mom. We used to go through Leavenworth all the time as a kid. It sure is pretty.

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