Thursday, March 15, 2012

Midwest Visit

Yesterday I left Central Oregon to light snowflurries and flew to the Midwest with temperatures near 80 degrees.   I am taking myself a Spring Break with my son's family in Omaha!!!  WooHoo!

I arrived in Omaha at 2pm and this time I rented a car,  a cute little red Toyota.  This way Chris didn't have to leave work and I can do some running around today.  I used my navigation app on my smart phone,  so cool, when I got close to home I thought I'm kinda hungry so I turned up 120th.  Went a ways and when I got to Center Street, their was Country Sampler Quilt Shop.  I think I have a built in GPS for that shop.  So forgetting my hunger I went shopping instead.  I love this shop, they carry so much fabric and wool and also very cute gifties.

This display just inside greats you with the sweetness of Spring.

 The cover quilt on Kim Diehl's Simple Graces made up with kit available, so very tempting

And a Bonnie Blue quilt with kits available,  also tempting.  I'm never very strong in a quilt store.

I purchased some new Jo Morton selections in reds and tans with red, some 3-strand valdani, and sweet smelling candles. I left behind the kit for Kim Diehls quilt and some Need'l love wool.  I have to save some $$ for later.    They have a wonderful selection of reproduction fabrics which we don't have locally so it was fun picking select pieces.
After this sidetrack adventure it was off to see the main attraction in Omaha.  

Hula Hula Hula
See Ethan,  I am so impressed, he has been walking since December.  His new braces and his amazing will has him keeping up with his brothers!!!

Today I am meeting a friend for lunch at Cafe Annie's,   their salads look wonderful.    Then I am going to visit More Sew For You.  I will let you know what I find there.

Tomorrow I plan on visiting the boys school, the first round of the NCAA Tournament is here too, Chris is a Creighton season ticket holder so we are going to take in a game this weekend!!!   I didn't even know,  so cool!

Talk with you Soon,

Spring Blessings,



Lori said...

How can you bear to leave those 3 sweeties!! No words even describe what beautiful boys they are!!

Carol said...

Have tons and tons of fun with your boys...OMG they are so big and just amazing! ENJOY!