Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Primitive Autumn Prize

I was very fortunate to win this prize from Robin of  Bird in Hand Primitives.   I have it in on my grandmother’s piano in the heart of my home and enjoy having  a special addition to my Fall decorations.    The little stocking is just to cute too,  I keep wanting to make some for my grandkids and fill them with harvest goodies.    The little tarts smell so good,  they made the whole package smell like heaven.    Thank you Robin for sharing your talents,  I love having your special handmades in my home.


I didn’t finish my Schnibbles last month,  see,  I need to get the last little border on and I am waiting for the Blessing line to come to my lqs so I can choose the border.    I am hoping to get  the new project done this month,  man I have a ton of projects going…….yeah, I know you are all laughing,  gee like I am the only one!!   But finishing was a goal I set this year…..naive me,  isn’t that what New Year is all about.      My #1 problem is lqs do not have the patterns and I will mail order it,    its a cute snowball design.     


My girlfriend Sandy called last week to see if I could get away a couple days with her.     After getting my billings out, we headed over the mountains and through the woods to the valley.    Such a pretty drive this time of year,  we talked to much for pictures. :))     She is looking at new horse trailers with living quarters for there trip to Nationals.    That is  GWPCA, wirehair pointers, to attend the field trials.  They are being held in Illinois this year. 

Joe and I did the trek two years ago to Illinois,  it was fabulous.   Now I have about 20 new Quilt Shops and 10 Prim Shops and 100 bloggers along the way.   I think my dear DH would go crazy if we did the trip and I wanted to add my wish list of stops along the way.   But I was talking about my trip with Sandy.     

  So we started in Lebanon spent abit of time looking over one possible unit.  Then  off we went with directions to another dealer  near Salem, well it wasn’t  what we were looking for and we found a nice Farm with lots of produce so we stopped to have a look. 


They had the most interesting pumpkins,  bumpy skinned ones that were very cool…..we posed for a picture.     Don’t you love the handle on the one between our heads.  


This white one was so unique,  should have bought it I think.


These flowers would have come home if I was at home.


Inside their were some fun things so I took a few pictures.   Need a new apron,  they are so popular now.  Love these ones.


I always look at these dishes but have never bought any,  I just love dishes and I think these pottery pieces would bake food perfectly.


Well it was fun to get away and spend someone else's money…….lol…,  I am not sure if we got the job done but if we did Sandy is going to be traveling in style to Illinois.     Joe and I are not going this year,  darn,  it is such a fun road trip,  we never even turned the radio on,  we drove 18 hours a day and made it in 3 days.    Yes, that was one big migraine I had the first day there!!!

Ok its Autumn right?   Well we had snow this weekend,  No I did not take any pictures, it was to d…. cold,   oh excuse me,   I mean I am just accepting the fact that summer is over OK!?!!!     

Well Anne did so go here to see some great pictures her sweetie took.     Well timing is everything and look what was in the mailbox Sunday.     It came so late Saturday we didn’t pick up till Sunday  and boy did I get excited with all the Christmas decorations in Country Sampler.     How did they know it was going to snow 4 inches on October 4, 2009.


Now Cabela’s isn’t really my favorite but is that not a cute picture.   

I hope this finds you well and enjoying  Fall and all its beauty,  God Bless You and your family.    I am still going to share my favorite Apple Cake recipe and I think Friday is the day.

Fall Blessings,



Karen said...

Your Schnibble quilt is a good one. I have seen the same patterned quilt on some other blogs, so I assume you are all part of a Schnibble a month.

That was an especially good prize you won.

Candace said...

What a great day out you two had! I love the Polish Pottery dishes, Bonnie - we have several and they really do cook food wonderfully! Glad you survived the snow!

Quilt Hollow said...

Polish Pottery....love that stuff! When stationed in Germany we went on a spending spree to Poland for the pottery. I have oodles but didn't pay near what they want for it today. It is wonderful...beats Pyrex and cleans up fantastic!
You scored a wonderful prize. :-)
Love Blessings line....your quilt is nice!

Shakerwood Primitives said...

I think I am in the same boat with the Schnibbles. I didn't even join that one. I love the patterns but the closest LQS that carries them is 1-1/2 hours away and I didn't really want to order them.

Sounds like a lovely drive through the country....literally....at the most perfect time of the year to do that!

Kim said...

Wow! A lot going on at Cricketwood Prims, what a nice trip. Love those dishes and that white pumpkin ~ totally cool!!

Stina said...

Ohh.. I havent even started on my Schnibble yet.. so you are way before me..lol.. and yours are so pretty!!! :o)
Loved to see all those pumpkins!!! WOW!! :o)

Carrie P. said...

Congratulations on your win. Those little goodies are neat.
Love your quilt.
Looks like a fun time you spent with your friend. Very interesting pumpkins.

Engelhouse said...

That's so funny that you stopped by Ez orchards - I live just down the road from there. Their donuts are yummy!

Bonnie said...

Did you ever take a meat preserving class?

Hilary said...

These are such adorable decorations! Forget looking for horse trailers with living quarters! I'm going to go decorate my home!