Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sweet Treasures and Textures of the Garden

I found a cute pattern while shopping in a local shop.     The shop sample was in soft peachy, Fig Tree fabrics and I loved the texture from the small, close quilting.     I bought the pattern not really knowing when I might make it up.  

IMG_1221I have been thinking about an upcoming wedding and what to do for the gift.     While going through my fabrics for the IBOL  package I came across some flannels and  got inspired to sew them up using this pattern for their gift.

They both love the outdoors, hunt, ranch.     I really liked seeing the wildlife fabrics on hearts…..Joe helped me pick the center pieces,   it was way to busy so we chose two fabrics for the center squares alternating the colors.

Greens will go around the outer perimeter to make it look similar to the pictured quilt.     Its been fun making this quilt, the hearts are raw edges and it is sewing up fast.   I will do some of the quilting then take it to  a local quilter to do the background for me.



Here are a couple recent purchases,  Karen of Farmhouse Woolens had a sale and I got these little bowls.  Bunnyhill Anne had these spools on her website and I fell in love with them.


Put a couple on a tray with some of my ribbons, love them.      The chickens were a gift from my sister a few years ago.   The are blown glass,  I just love them,  they have some pretty fancy feathers in there hats. 



The garden is coming along, slow but it had to start over on June 15th after a freeze.    The zinnia’s are blooming.  Love them.    We have a few green tomatoes,  the deer are coming in and eating them,  now that’s a first,  even found one they  stepped on today.      Buggars!!

IMG_1239 IMG_1243


The pumpkins are running over the garden and have very little pumpkins, so I started cutting the plants back to hopefully get the fruit growing.   After I took the pictures I went back out and carved three little names on pumpkins……….:))   wish they were coming to pick them with me.

IMG_1240 IMG_1278






IMG_1257 IMG_1254

I took these pictures on macro setting on my little pocket camera,  I was having fun finding circles in the garden and little star shapes.     And big star shapes!

IMG_1260 The Schnibble pattern was revealed today and I spent way to long calling quilt shops and searching on line for the pattern.    So I finally found it and didn’t like the shipping amount so I ordered three patterns to justify the shipping…..LOL…..   I don’t know why that feels better,   I am gambling on those patterns may be used this year and I will have them on hand.  

Can you believe it is September 1st……I can’t  yikes where has this year gone……I love Fall,  I love Fall……I am going to keep saying that and maybe time will slow down a bit.

Late Summer blessing dear friends,



Quilt Hollow said...

Wonderful post and photos! You know, exactly what you said about ordering a pattern and shipping cost...a Schnibbles can be simply put in a regular envelope for what maybe two stamps at most? One of the main reasons I do not order patterns is because they want to charge too much to send it. Hopefully with this new Schnibbles club the shops can take this into consideration.
OMG....pretty flowers....deer around here it them!

yellowfarmhouse said...

WOW beautiful post Carrie with those amazing garden photo's. I love that you carved 3 little names in 3 pumpkins - that's very sweet. Your quilt looks great, love the colors. Is that a new banner or did I just notice it - AWESOME pic which I'm assuming you took.

Hugs- Karen

Kaaren said...

Great quilt, Carrie and absolutely awesome pictures. Wow!

I thoroughly enjoyed my walk through your garden.

Judy S. said...

Great quilt, Carrie. I love hearts!

Candace said...

Your garden is just gorgeous, Carrie! We bought one of those chickens a few years ago - and if I remember correctly - it was in Central Oregon!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

OH I don't know what I liked more - seeing those yummy colors of the quilt, the prim yelloware bowls or the gorgeous flower pics!! All eye candy I tell you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just found your blog and it's wonderful! Love your quilts and flowers and wool and grandbabies! Looking forward to following along!

Behind My Picket Fence said...

You really improved on that heart pattern with your color choices. And love your garden pics. I just think these modern, new-fangled cameras are great. How's your Halloween BOM coming? I stitched up the sample for Karen of the stacked Pumpkin man. It's such an awesome pattern.....

Carrie P. said...

I just love your version of the heart quilt.
And your sunflower photos are awesome.

Florence said...

I love your garden your flowers look great, we have to deal with the later frost too so we get a slower start with great expectations. I am a quilter too, but usually wait until winter when we can't be out side. Happy Fall, I am in Montana right now visiting my daughter teaching her how to can food, for her long cold winters.

Pamela said...

I wish I had more room for pumpkins, they are my favorite. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway!

Kim said...

Goodness, you have a great garden! Such fun with the pumpkins. :) I like the bowls that you found at Karen's shop. Sweet quilt, gosh, there is so much here today! I sure enjoyed the post. :o)

Miss Jean said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm loving all of your quilts and your garden. I'm sure the lucky couple will just love the heart quilt. Very thoughtful!

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos of your garden and what a terrific find of the fabrics and bobbins. Where did the summer go? Enjoy the nice weekend any how.

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Carrie!....thank you for visiting my blog!....what a glorious garden you have and I love the pic of the waterfall at the top of your blog!


Pamela said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I want some of them!!

Kelli said...

I love the heart quilt! It is just wonderful - what a great gift!