Sunday, May 23, 2010

My quarterly update!!

I guess I am an all or nothing girl. I haven't accomplished a post in way to long. One big thing at a time, it can be so consuming.

February and March I spent most of my time responding to job listings. I became one of the innumerable ( is that a word) people looking for employment. I sent so many resumes to positions exactly matching my work history. When you don't get responses you really begin to wonder if your resumes just are floating in lala land somewhere. Or worse.......
When I did get one response, they wanted my credit score and they even suggested which company to use. All I needed to give them was the number for the interview. So I did it and guess response! Hmmm, kind of ticked me of if you know what I mean!! And it was a good number to but who needs to check that just for nothing.
So......, after two months of THAT, my DH and I started talking about what is the next fun approach, to you know making money and paying bills.
So to make this story not as boring as my life I will just get to the point. We have decided to invest in a purchase of a Subway restaurant. Aha!!!!! If they won't give you a job, buy one!!
Oh my goodness......I have spent the last three weeks training on all the in and outs of Subway. Starting at 5:30 am most mornings, well all mornings I think and until 3 or so, on Tuesday's coming back for inventory. I come home to Bend on Fridays and back to Eugene on Monday.
It has been most interesting and I am getting the hang of everything pretty much. Did you know how many different sandwiches they I always order tuna or turkey/ham. So I even had to study those different portions a bit. My brain is not the sharpest pin the cushion. I can convert fat quarters, to yards much faster or figure how much yardage needed for a border or whole quilt for that matter .......well that is not to be, its "Welcome to Subway!"
So I will have more stories on that later I'm sure.
Other than that I have had some quilty fun!! My DH had a field trial up by Spokane so that meant I got a trip to The Buggy Barn. Woohoo! Love them! I got a refreshener on my needle punch, bought a couple new patterns for needle punch and some new Jo Morton fabrics too.

This store is full of inspiration, and one inspiration is there painted red cabinetry. I want to remodel my office in these gorgeous handmade pieces each time I see them. Someday!!
I am really looking forward to their quilt show and classes this year, Barb and Alma from Blackbird Designs are returning for two days of classes. I signed up for the autumn quilt class, I am really looking forward to meeting them. I love their quilts and love their blog. Speaking of their blog. I was a very lucky girl and won one of their engagement calendars for 2011. It will make next year fun, filling in all those Subway appointments etc. LOL........
It really is a wonderful calendar. The Buggy Barn had some for sale when I was their in April. If you love the pictures on Alma's blog you will love using this too!
In April I spent five days in Omaha with the boys. Mom and Dad went on a trip and us two Gramma's spent 4 days playing and having a wonderful time with the boys. Grammy Terry lives a couple hours away and spends almost every other weekend in Omaha. So the boys were very comfortable and didn't miss mom and dad to bad.
They loved going outside when the weather allowed. They are growing up and are so much fun.

From left, Ethan, Jaxon and Hayden. It was sport shirts day. Hayden is a Nebraska Cornhusker, Ethan is the Oregon Duck. Jaxon sporting his 3rd pair of glasses is the all around sports guy!!

Here is Grammy Terry and Jaxon, outside on the back deck doing puzzles.

And laundry is so fun when you are folding cute little clothes. Hayden keeping me company.

I am looking forward to July when they come out to Oregon, it will be a couple days before their 2nd birthday so we will have a very fun party. Can you just believe that they are going to be two already. They change so much, and man do I love watching their cute little bodies walk around, that and seeing their personalities develop.
Hayden is pretty independent and he loved walking up and down the sidewalk, hand in one pocket. Till we meet again sunshine, I love this picture of him.
So that is a little update on me. I need to get back to paperwork and get ready to leave for my last week of training. When I come back I will have some pictures of my quilty projects and to tell you about a couple of projects I just couldn't resist and joined for this summer. They of course have wool. Also, I will have some completed projects to show, now don't fall off your chair there. I am going to stay on track and get last years BOM completed.
God bless each of you dear bloggy friends, and primitive spring blessings too!!


Quilt Hollow said...

I think it is fantastic that you have gone out and MADE your own career at Subway! One of my favorite sandwiches is the flatbread with salami, ham, and pepperoni. Can't remember the name now but yummo! We have one that just opened around the corner from us and I can tell you that they are doing very well. I bet yours will have many successes. The grandbabies are getting all grown up so quickly.
Oh and a trip to Buggy Barn...can certainly lift spirits...looks like an awesome place. I could see I would be in trouble there.

Kim said...

Hi Carrie! Thanks for the update. Sounds like life is treating your well. :-D

Michelle said...

Wow! I didn't realize that you purchased a Subway. Where will it be located? Not sure I am up for that adventure..even though it sure would be nice to be employed. Credit score? Seriously? Why on earth does anyone need to know that unless you are buying a house?

Glad to hear about all the updates. Was hoping to get over to see you soon but sounds like you will be very busy. Just looked at one of the quilt magazines you lent me...boy oh boy..some neat patterns in there.

Take care and talk to you soon.


Lori said...

Wow! That sounds like you and DH have taken a large step forward!! Congratualtions on the training and life transition!!
Oh my! The boys are so adorable! How fun for you to get a chance to spend some quality time with them. It is great to hear from you!!!

PunkiePie said...

Wow! That's pretty cool! Good luck and I wish you much success!

Judy S. said...

Thanks for the update, Carrie. Those little guys are sure growing quickly. What cuties. Good luck with the Subway venture! We really like their sandwiches.

Mel said...

No wonder you've been 'absent'!

Best of luck on your new venture - YUM!!

I too love Buggy Barn and got to visit once while in the area!!


What a great post!! You have had so much going wonder you haven't had time to blog!! That's awesome that you guys are buying a Subway franchise! My husband LOVES Subways....too bad we don't live closer, cuz he'd be at your place every day for lunch! Best wishes with that!!

Did I ever tell you that Barb Adams and Alma Allen are from where I live? Yep..I know Barb and saw her last fall at the Primitives of the Midwest held in Lee's Summit, Mo. Barb and Alma (I don't know her) were teaching classes at the friend and I sell small primitives and handmade folk art items to the students on the last morning of the classes. I love Barb and so idolize how she and Alma have created such a great business from their love of fabric and needlework!

I look forward to hearing about your Subway experiences...and your completed quilting projects.


Candace said...

Wow - now that's quite the career change, Carrie! Congratulations - I'm sure you will be very successful! The little ones are getting so big and cuter by the day!