Friday, February 20, 2009

A Few Little Things

My Meg's Baskets, JLW quilt is ready to quilt. I am going to hand quilt this top. It is a perfect size for me, perfect in that it won't take longer than my attention span, I think!
Discipline, staying on one track, finishing what I begin. These are the sticky notes that should be on my computer to keep me from starting something new. Not as a grudge note, but because I LOVE to finish. I am just not disciplined enough to avoid being sidetracked. One confession is enough for today.

Wednesday evening was my JLW group meeting and a few gals used the colorful basket fabric as their background fabric in the sawtooth border. SO CUTE!! This is going to be a fun class, lots of sharing from each other about techniques. I love that about quilters, even if you don't use the technique right now, it may be useful at some point.
I received a couple comments about the HST technique, getting 8 out of the larger square. So I googled and found a website that I want to share.
Ta-Da.... it has so many techniques that I have saved it in my favorite places.

This months JLW8 project is starting a 4 month quilt, Holiday Inn. A medallion quilt that I think is so sparkly with color. Gail added some new backgrounds and colors, we will use leftover reds from Meg's Baskets too. The border is hour-glass blocks.

Timing is everything you know, I received an email newsletter from Marsha McCloskey, she shared a blog that has a tutorial on her precision ruler that you use for this exact block (hourglass). So here is that blog post: I marked her blog as a favorite too. She has a very cute dog Sophie, wonderful Batik you see why I need that post-it note on my computer to stay on track. There are so many wonderful sites to explore and get very useful info.
Block #2, A Tisket, A Tasket BOM with Anne Sutton. Anne has a tutorial on embroidery on her blog that I found helpful. I will start using a hoop and foundation to keep my background from puckering. :)) Oops! Those cute little birds need eyes and beaks...
Block #4 from Wool Garden with Farmhouse Woolens, I really like the colors in this block, the red is bright and rich. The colors of the geranium really bring out the colors in the basket wool.

Next month I will put them all together for a picture, I look forward to having this quilt on my wall.

We have been having a pretty mild winter this last month, as much as I like it I know we need more snow for snow pack. Which gives us much needed water in the rivers. Fires are a big hazard in Central Oregon so hopefully we will have a bit more winter-like weather. Its Friday so I am going to wish all of you a wonderful weekend.

Winter Blessings, Carrie


Kaaren said...

Carrie, looks like you've been pretty busy. Everything looks wonderful, especially your wool projects. Thanks for the info on the 8 half square triangles. I too have bookmarked the site.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Absolutely wonderful! I really love how this one turned out!

Candace said...

Carrie - you've been SO busy! I love finishes, too - such a great feeling, then on the something else!

yellowfarmhouse said...

Yum your basket quilt is sweet - love it. Hand quilting - good for you, I don't have the patience for as much as I like handwork - that doesn't snap my socks. Good for you keeping up with Wool Garden - you go girl.

Hugs - Karen

Carrie P. said...

You have been busy. All are beautiful.

Carla said...

Wonderful quilt. I sure wouldn't have the patience to hand quilt.

Karen said...

Love the basket quilt!