Monday, January 12, 2009

Sewing Charity Quilts & PIF

I did some sewing this weekend after spinning my wheels trying to locate my Quilt Sampler from Summer 2007. Colleen is sewing up a wonderful quilt featured in this edition, Karen showed her finished quilt and I had the bug...... alas, not to be for me right now. So I sewed a strippy quilt.
I saw one done on a blog, can not for life of me remember which one, that gave me the idea of using up a Blackbird Designs Jelly Roll. You sew the ends together of all the strips, I sewed them blunt end, then started sewing end to end side seams, you now have 2 strips together, sew end to end to get 4 strips together....on and on.... I noticed that mathematics was going to enter in to this idea... I should have cut at least one strip in half to start with because the finished width was going to be 43 inches and that is the length of one strip. Hmmm. I was not achieving the random pattern so I trimmed one end and started again. This helped some, I am not sure if I would use a jelly roll again for this strippy method. But this is one quilt top together for a charity quilt.
My Twisted Sisters assignment this year is to have charity quilts done before our gathering in July. I will quilt it up and try another idea!!!

This little cutie was made by my Twisted Sister, Suzie. 2007 we made little quilts and sent them to Ami simms for her Alzheimer fundraising efforts. Each month on the 1st through 10th Ami has an online auction of little quilts. I purchased this one from her little treasures category.

I noticed several little quilts made that were African inspired. My sister had been on a mission trip there and this little quilt would fit right in with a theme she was putting together. I gave it to her for Christmas last year.

I sewed this JLW quilt in December, now that I have my new little camera I took a picture. I will get it quilted up soon.

I have joined a PIF over at Sharon's ...this is my firt time so......if you want to join in with me email or leave me a message and let me know. I will take the first 3 messages. You then continue it on your blog and have your 3 to send a handmade gift to by June.

We are having amazing temperatures of 55 degrees this week, wow.....I am enjoying the bright blue skies. Central Oregon truly is a beautiful place.

Winter blessings,


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Sorry to pass on the PIF. I did one this fall.

I like your strippy quilt! Nice and fast and fun :o) Anytime you want to pick up and join us on our Midwest Pride.. you just let me know :o)

Melody said...

I would love to join your PIF. Sounds like fun and a way to share.

Picket said...

Morning girl..I love quilts...always have and I am just in awe of anyone who has the wonderful talent to sew quilts...I have one that my grandmother hand made and one that my Aunt made...they are treasures to me! Thanks so much for coming by and reading about my Aunt Kat..she is just the sweetest thing...she came from very humble beginnings but she had big dreams and a determined heart and she never gave up! Hope you are having a great week girl!

Libby said...

Fun projects . . . . hope you find your magazine *s*

Heidi said...

Love your quilts. I especially love any of the JLW quilts. I wish we had some of the clubs here in Europe. Yours is going to be gorgeous when you are done quilting it.

I enjoyed reading about your books and see there are many out in blogland that love books both old and new. Thanks for your caring words. I am still coughing and clearing my throat. I sure hope the doctor has some answers when I see her on Friday.

Hugs ~

Quilt Hollow said...

I'm very partial to the JW Quilts. I had been in the club last time too. I'll have to pass on PIF for now

yellowfarmhouse said...

Your quilts look wonderful and if you can't find your magazine - just holler I found mine. Passing on the PIF I still have to get mine out by the end of this month. Ohhh the pressure.

Hugs - karen

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hey I love your little quilts. They are adorable.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I love the quilts you posted. They are so cute... I have been pressing strips to make one like yours.

Five Healthy Hearts said...

Beautiful're so productive! Thanks for stopping by fivehealthyhearts. I look forward to adding you to my reader and keeping up with your great quilts. So glad to meet a fellow puzzler!!! That TV drives me looney!

Back in the Day said...

Your quilts are beautiful!