Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Shopping in Seattle

Last week I went to my sisters in Bothell, WA, better known as "Fake Seattle". My mother came up too, we shopped and browsed for three fun days. There are some good outlets in the area, they did have some very good deals. 2 days we sent packages off the Omaha for the triplets. So hard to resist buying cute stuff for those boys. Talbots Kids is closing so there was some good deals. Osh-Kosh has always been a favorite for me, there outlet had good deals too.
Shopping together was so fun, I find shopping alone boring and don't go much.
Mobalks, in Woodinville is one of our favorite stops. They have a large variety of Poinsettia's, and we took this little picture in front of the Poinsettia tree.

We looked at all their wonderful decorations and had a yummy lunch. We went to the Army Surplus in the area and found 4 wool blankets. We were pretty surprised at the selection and they will felt up nicely for wool creations.
My sister took them home and washed them, one of them has a white cross and metal button, we think it may be a salvation army blanket so we wont be cutting it up until we get more information. Does anyone out there know about these markings?
I just love this Santa. It was made by a gal in Sacramento, CA, there is so much detail, definitely a talented crafter. I put a close up of his face on my header, his eyes have such expression.

My sister lived in Texas for a few years and learned to toll paint. Her family room mantle is adorned with painted gourds. Her penguins have their own personality, and the reindeer has wonderful eyes and shading.

I was asked recently what I did with my quilts after I make them. Some have gone to family and my sister has a few. I will show quilts in her home that I have made next time, My BIL loves working with wood, the candle stands on the mantel were made by him. He also makes quilt racks and shelves for her quilts.
We are having a bluebird day in Central Oregon today, but tomorrow 7-20 inches of snow is being projected. I like snow but the timing of this storm will keep us from traveling the pass and enjoying our Family Christmas dinner..... time will tell, the weather has a mind of it own.
Safe travels to all of you and have a Merry Christmas with your loved ones..


Carrie P. said...

Looks like you found some great buys. My husband is just getting into woodworking. Maybe one day he can make something as beautiful and your candle holders. Have a Very Merry Christmas.

Linda said...

What a lovely time!! And good finds as well.
I want to send you and yours a special Merry Christmas wish and thank you for welcoming me into your world through your blog, hugs, Linda

Karen said...

I have been wanting to go to a military surplus store in hopes of finding a white wool blanket for a wool project. You have reminded me that I never did that.
Your sister's gourds are very nice. I looked for gourds for making into something but never found any. I guess I wouldn't know what to do with them once I got one.
Your triplets are adorable. I was looking at the pictures in the previous post. How far away do you live from them?

Anonymous said...

Shopping days with family sounds fabulous! Great photos.

Kim said...

A wonderful sisters outing and nice finds at the army surplus store. Contact the Red Cross, they may have the history on that blanket.

Kindra said...

Great find with the blankets! Especially the one that could be possible from the red cross.

Happy New year to my dear friend.