Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quilting time and Ethan Smiles

Oh my it has been along time since I posted.....and what a gorgeous day it has turned out to be in Central Oregon. Blue skies, the mountains with fresh fallen snow......hmm...good thing my window looks east instead of west. Cause I do not need one more thing to distract me, does anyone else have a big problem with distractions. And the worst part is I have created them all myself, I have no one to blame but

My favorite distraction this week has been my new BOM from Farmhouse Woolens. It is a wool project with the cutest baskets of purple violets, yummy wool, I know I repeated it but it is yummy. The basket is made with a plaid that has nice texture, one of my favorite things about wool is the texture. I am going to really enjoy making this little quilt. If you haven't been over to Karen's new site take some time to do so, she has put together a very nice assortment of goods.

Yes, I opened it up that afternoon and got it all ready for the button-hole stitch. I may do a more primitive stitch on the smaller pieces. I like that because I have never been great at the tinier stitches. I used steam a seam for the flowers and flower centers and leaves but just pinned, with small applique pins, the basket. I really like the small applique pins, they don't poke me like the longer silk pins do. Blood is not an easy liquid to get off your piece.

Do you ever buy the border prints you see at the quilt store. I have been making kitchen towels for myself and gifts. My grandson and I made them together one year, he gave them as gifts. The local quilt shops have woven towels by Dunroven, they are woven and some are homespun.
I really like this first border print, I took one to my mother when I visited her, she will take it to Yuma.

This is a cute Christmas print with snowmen and birdhouses.
This fabric is a Moda print by Jennifer Sampou, from a few years ago. I love chickens and especially this print. It is not a border but I will use it for a towel too. I really like this chicken fabric on the black and white check.

The towels are nice to give as hostess gifts too. My friends who don't sew think I do magic, lol...well I do like giving useful gifts and they love them.
I showed you this project last time, I am almost ready for class this saturday, I just have to finish up the dark blocks. I am liking it more everyday, more nubby texture with these fabrics. I can see alot of possibilities too for settings.
My light blocks:
The traditional log cabin blocks with dark blocks in progress:
My sewing area never looks this organized, I did straighten it up for the to behonest and clarify.........
See the little light on my sewing machine, it has a flexible arm. Well this light is fabulous. A bit spendy but worth every dime.......$49, but if you have JoAnns or Hancock Fabrics and use the 50% coupon, that would be a great deal. It has made such a difference for my eyes. It is a true color spectrum like the Ott lights. It is removeable too. Would make a perfect gift for Christmas.
I love Blackbird Designs, and this project has been ignored for a few months, sad but true! LOL... and not because I don't like it. I love it, but I didn't like the way my machine applique looked. I am changing to smaller needles, maybe some embroidery thread. And I am trying a new technique suggested. It will take a bit more time at first but I am really going to like the end result better. It will look more like traditional applique to. I don't necessarily like changing in the middle of a project but in this case I will. Gee, I don't plan on ever entering any contest, I wouldn't put any judge through that....LOl...but this quilt may make someone scratch their head in about 50 years. What was she thinking........ this brings to mind, maybe if I put it on the label they will know what I was thinking.... This winter this project is going to take shape, it's turn is coming....

Last but not least is our little Ethan. This picture just makes my heart flutter, Ethan Smiles!!!!! ALL THE TIME!!! I am writing a little story about Ethan, goodness sakes writing stories for me is like going back to school........ LOL......but I want to tell this one so check back and I will not be a whiner, I promise......

I have really enjoyed all the "Thankful Posts" in blogging land...thank you all sharing......we do live in a country where we have been so blessed..... we have such good lives, even so we know people who are having hard times with the economy and other issues, so it is going to be our blessing to reach out in friendship whenever we can.
Fall Blessings,


Carol said...

I LOVE you log cabins! That will always be one of my favorite patterns. I'll be looking forward to seeing it come together.

Anne said...

Hi Carrie, I can't believe you already have the BOM from Karen all cut out. Yikes, I better get moving with mine. I also did the Blackbird one. Still have the borders to go. Will have to post a picture soon. Wish I had taken that mystery from Lawry with you. I love the way yours is looking. Cute towels too!

yellowfarmhouse said...

My goodness you know how to pack alot into a post, LOVE IT because I do that also. Glad your happy with your block and wool choices. I love to find unique textures with wool. Those log cabin blocks are beautiful and your Bird quilt is going to be beautiful also. I'm glad that your making it easier to put together and not sticking with what you started. Sometimes that's just how it has to be. Your right it will give them something to scratch there heads over in 50 years when they come across it.

That picture of Ethan is absolutely precious. What a little heart stealer - can't wait to read your story.

hugs - karen

Quilt Hollow said...'ve already cut out and the BOM ready for stitching! I better get the move on. Mine arrived the other day too. You have the cutest blog that I will mark and come back to visit. I could easily see we have similiar interest!

Carrie P. said...

Hey Carrie,
I did see that BOM at Karen's site. It was tempting. I love working in wool too. You have been busy.
Ethan's toothless smile is so sweet.