Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Halloween Giveaway!

Brenda, of Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shoppe, is having a spooktacular giveaway, click here to enter. You can wind a bundle of 27 fat quarters of Whimsicals line, Pumpkin and Spice. Way cool, so generous.

I am getting excited to leave on Wednesday for Omaha, the boys now have a Nanny at home instead of going to daycare. They started daycare at the end of July to insure their spot with a certain caregiver. School starts mid August in Omaha. Well since they started they have not had one week without a sick child. They were to the point where my son was needing to take family leave time, they started inquiring and found a Nanny! They had looked into this first and it didn't work out. They are so happy, and I am very relieved for them. Now the boys stay at home and their Nanny comes to their home.

This means the boys will not be a daycare when I am there visiting. :)) I am very thankful for their new arrangement. I am praying that this flu season passes them by.

Its Monday and I have lots to do before leaving, this weekend I prepped all my wool BOM and have lots to keep myself busy during my flights and layovers. There is a funny clip going around on facebook from Conan nights show. So like the saying goes " I will be flying in my seat in the sky" it is amazing traveling by air in just a few hours to your destination.

Fall Blessings, Carrie


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie!
Your post certainly reminds me of years ago when both DH and I worked full-time and had my son in daycare. It seemed he was always getting this or that virus. Between hubby and I we took turns on staying home and this was according to whose job was more important that day! It was crazy! DH's military had him away alot too so it was more stress on me to determine who needed me more...job or son? I can tell you that once he reached age four things were so much better when he went back to preschool since he had already had most virus. In fact, he seldom missed school due to illness. It's wonderful you are available to help your family...until the nanny! Enjoy your time spent!

Carol said...

Have an absolutely spectacular time! I know you will!

Carrie P. said...

Have a fabulous time. We will see if you get any stitching done. lol

Judy S. said...

Have a great time, Carrie, with your little guys! We just got back from 10 days with our three, so I know you're having fun.

Brenda said...

You WON! Oh yes you did, You won one of the Fat Qtr Bundles! Congratulations!

Carrie P. said...

Hey Carrie, Just wanted to stop by and say congrats on winning the giveaway at Brenda's. We both are winners. That was kind of weird that she pulled 2 Carries. lol

Pokey said...

Congratulations, Winner! That is such a generous bundle! I'll be checking in on the cool project- or projects!